Nov 7 2017

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AMI improves the internal communication

AMI Insurance’s EPiServer CMS based intranet allows better internal communication which was needed to unite the national wide company.

Inconsistent information in different locations and disparate mediums

AMI Insurance had an escalating challenge to manage business information and staff contact directories across 725 staff located in a network of 70 branches, two call centres and 23 agencies nationwide with several different mediums holding information. Communication was often by email distribution groups. Policy information required continual checking of addendums. AMI had no consistent, company wide access to business information. The shortcomings were increasingly limiting.

“We needed a simple and flexible platform to give us a well-controlled environment for managing information and in the process improving aspects of our internal communications.”,says Ernie Schoenfeld, AMI Web Analyst.

Intranet built with EPiServer CMS

AMI looked at implementing an intranet but changed direction, determined to find a solution that was well suited to their communication needs and existing Microsoft environment. On the back of a recommendation, Intergen entered the picture with EPiServer CMS .

“The whole EPiServer CMS package was well suited to us, offering most of what we wanted out-of-the-box. It runs on a Microsoft platform so it was a good technical match for us and clearly the right tool for our needs.” Ernie Schoenfeld also highlights affordability. “We weren’t paying for development from scratch. EPiServer CMS was very affordable and required minimal training to bring our various user groups up to speed.”

Control and consistency

The intranet site, Mysite, was timed to go live with the nationwide launch of AMI’s new ‘going the extra smile’ rebranding. The look and feel of Mysite needed to reflect the brand, so an important aspect was maintaining consistency in all communication. As a template-driven system, EPiServer CMS has excellent enable/restrict features to give AMI the control it requires as content evolves.

Mysite delivers on many fronts

Mysite is a one-stop-shop information source for all staff, being the point to go to for anything from news, views and events, to product information, policies, forms and FAQs. The most used feature is ‘AMI Contacts’, an internal staff search tool, vital in a company of 700+. That eliminated the need for several disconnected and separately maintained contact lists and was built by Intergen using a custom contact directory, integrated with EPiServer CMS.

A stepping stone

Mysite will also provide a very good integration point for other applications within AMI. Ernie Schoenfeld says its decision to select Intergen was based on working with a ‘long term player’ where the relationship didn’t end with the delivery of the product.

Intergen was a natural choice because they expressed interest in working with us in the long term. The intranet is a launch pad to improving many other business applications within the company, such as HR systems. This first project has shown Intergen pays very good attention to quality and have the experience and resources to make what they promise happen.

Mysite is turning around access to information and assisting internal communications. From a scenario of inconsistent directories, information in a number of locations and disparate mediums into a one-stop source that is reliable, direct and up-to-date.

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