American car reviews and Video

American car reviews and Video

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American car reviews


America Cancun Car Rental, Playa del Carmen Car Rental, Riviera Maya Car Rental, Tulum Car Rental & Akumal Car Rental

Discover why we are the number one Cancun Car Rental Company, We also have Car Rental Services in Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Riviera Maya. We also have Car Rental Services in the Cancun Hotel Zone and Cancun Downtown.

We have Cancun Car Rental Services at the Cancun Airport 24 hours. If you need to Car Rental services in Playa del Carmen, we have a branch office at 5ª Avenue, corner with, Street 28 north. If you need Rent a Car in The Riviera Maya or Tulum, we have a Car Rental office at downtown Tulum.

With America Cancun Car Rental Company, you may also visit our neighboring countries of Belize and Guatemala. We furnish all permits and all the documentation to rent cars to cross the borders to our neighboring countries.

Reserve with us, America Car Rental offers Cancun Car Rental Services, Playa del Carmen Car Rental Services and The Riviera Maya Car Rental Service.

America Cancun Car Rental Company offers a great variety of vehicles to rent, different brands and types for all your needs, we have car rentals from economy, compacts, all terrain, mini vans and vans for 12 or 15 passengers. All our models are recently purchased with the most economical Car Rental rates on the Mexican Caribbean.

All of our offices open 365 days a year. If you need to rent a car, we offer free pick-up and delivery at the Cancun Airport. If you need to rent a car at our various Car Rental locations, we are open from 8 am to 8 pm at Cancun Hotel Zone, Cancun downtown, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

America Cancun Car Rental Company offers car rental service at other cities, we have a Car Rental office at Merida, Yucatan, Mexico City, Monterrey & Los Cabos

America Cancun Car Rental Company hope to serve you and offer the best deal on Rental cars in Cancun.

Policies and Procedures

America Car Rental operates based on a system of policies and procedures, clear and duly authorized by regulating agencies, fur the benefit of the corporation and the client. For inquiries or comments, please call +52 (998) 253 61 12 or by e mail to, so a representative, from client services, can assist you.


  • Minimum age required is 21 years old. No limit above 21.
  • Driver´s license not expired with photo.

(America Car Rental reserves the right to verify and accept the licenses in relation to the norms set by America Car Rental and may reject the rent, must show the document free from amendments, modifications and must be legible.)

  • Official ID with photo not expired, IFE (Mexicans) or passport with photo not expired from place of residence.
  • Credit Card

For the payment of the rental, America Car Rental accepts all credit and debit cards (except Dinner Club) and traveler’s checks. America Car Rental accepts the following credit cards to warranty the rent or payment: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discovery. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CARDS FROM DEPARTMENT STORES OR CASH AS WARRANTY FOR RENT OUR CARS

America Car Rental, reserves the right to decline a reservation, for such the car rental if the hirer does not comply satisfactorily with the requirements to complete the operation.


America Car Rental allows the holder of the lease, to assign an additional driver without charge. Additional drivers must comply with the same requirements as the main driver and will be alleged to the same driving obligations of the rental car as the main driver. If you require a second additional driver, this have an extra charge of 5 USD (taxes included) per day.


America Car Rental for security reasons does not take cash to warranty a rent, in any currency, only credit cards in which a bank authorization will be requested, for the credit card provided, as a backup of the rental contract. The amount will depend on the car’s category.

The deposits as warranty are:

Mini Economy – Economy 400 USD
Compact – standard 550 USD
Full Size – Premium 650 USD
Jeep´s – SUV´s 750 USD
Vans 800 USD
Luxury 1000 USD


500 USD
700 USD
900 USD

In the Mexico City branch, an additional USD 100 is applied according to the requested group.


This fare is additional and independent from the total fare of the reservation or leasing contract, it varies depending on the distance between cities. It is important to pay the minimum rent per day to be able to have the option of giving the car back in another city.

  • 3 Days (Chetumal, Mérida and Campeche)
  • 7 Days (Ciudad de México)
  • No minimum ( Playa del Carmen and Tulum)
Cancún Airport a : o Vice versa
VEHICLE CATEGORY Playa del Carmen Tulum Chetumal Mérida Campeche México
Economy – Standard 20 USD 30 USD 120 USD 120 USD 140 USD 1300 USD
Full Sizes, Jeeps, Suv´s, Mini Vans 20 USD 30 USD 150 USD 150 USD 170 USD 1800 USD
Full Sizes Vans, Luxury Cars 20 USD 30 USD 180 USD 180 USD 200 USD 1800 USD
  • For the rent of 2 or more days with return of car in Playa del Carmen or Tulum, there is no additional charge applied.

The petrol is NOT included in the total fare. The car needs to be returned with the same amount of petrol that it was given with, in relation to what will be written on the leasing contract. There are no refund for extra petrol. If any petrol is missing, the missing petrol is charged in the next as follows:



When returning the car the client has allowance of 30 minutes, from the hour registered on the leasing contract. After the hour stipulated, for each additional hour, there will be a charge depending on the vehicle rented with a maximum of 3 hours of delay, after the 3 hours of delay the full day will be charged according to the daily rate stipulated on the leasing contract.

Economy – Standard 10 USD
Full Sizes, Jeeps y SUV´S 15 USD
Mini & Full Sizes Vans, Luxury 15 USD


The place and date for returning the car will be set and stipulated between both parties involved during the leasing contract.

In case the leaser changes the hour of return from the stipulated in the contract, the client must contact America Car Rental with 24 hours of anticipation to be able to reprogram, in case of not notifying America Car Rental will not take responsibility for expenses or the prejudice the leaser could suffer.

We offer the option of extending your leasing contract, it is an obligation of the client to ask for the extension of the leasing contract before the last day on the main contract passes, if after three days there is no communication from the client’s part, America Car Rental, reserves the right to notify authorities, of a missing car breaking the leasing contract, any costs that this could generate will be excluded from America Car Rental responsibility. America Car Rental will respect the rates from the initial leasing contract but for the extension of the contract the rate will depend on the daily rate for that period of time this will be notified when the extension is solicited or when the car is given back depending on the case base on the online information


America Car Rental offers the authorization to cross the South border of Mexico to the countries of Belize and Guatemala. Only if the next indications are followed:

  • Crossing to Belize

America Car Rental provides all the necessary documents so you can drive the vehicle in Belize without any charge, the client needs to ask for the document when the leasing contract is made and it will be provided at the same time.

Insurance included in the rental are only valid in Mexico, the client must acquire an insurance that the government of Belize asks for, this insurance must be acquired at the border to be able to drive without any problems.

  • Crossing to Guatemala

America Car Rental, authorizes through a letter verified by a notary the exit of the vehicle and this is a requirement the government of Guatemala asks for. This document has a cost of 180 USD since the document is provided to America Car Rental and needs to be certified it is necessary to make the next arrangements.

  • Monday to Friday rentals before 12:00 pm will be delivered between 24 to 48 horas
  • Rentals on Friday after 12:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday, will be delivered the next Tuesday
  • Festive days and Mexican holidays, the delivery is subject to availability of the notary, which can vary between 24 to 72 hours.
  • If the client needs the letter at the time of taking the car, an additional day of rental will need to be acquired, since the vehicle will be blocked one day before to begin the process.

America Car Rental has a subsidiaries on the north border of Mexico but does not authorize crossing the car through the border.

These documents can only be given in, in authorized America Car Rental locations (they cannot be sent through email, since the document has to be shown physically) so the client needs to inform the nearest America Car Rental location to receive it when filling in the leasing contract.

The documents need to be solicited from the Reservations department or Customer Service to settle and pay them.

We not allowed cross boarding to Belize and Guatemala from Merida location.

America Car Rental offers prepaid service online or in our call center, once the reservation is made, the customer can request a cancellation, for which a refund will be applied according to the following terms:

  • Any cancellation have a penalty of 10% of the amount of the reservation, up to 72 hours before your pick up.
  • Cancellation between 72 & 48 hours before the pick up will be penalized with one day of rent and the respective penalty.
  • Cancellation 48 hours before pick up will not be refundable.

America Car Rental gives the option to modify their reservation up to 48 hours before their pick up, accepting to reschedule it within the next 12 months subsequent to the pick up date without penalty.

Policies on insurance

In case of an accident the driver must inform immediately to America Car Rental to follow up the case with the insurance Company, which requires that the driver in the case of an accident needs to be authorized in the renting contract and he must provide his driver license (not expired) with photo. Also the driver must stay in the place where the accident happened to fill in the forms for the insurance Company.


PLI (third party damages)

This coverage is for public liability to the persons or their properties caused by the rented vehicle. This coverage is for $750, 000 pesos.

SLI (Civil responsibility complement)

This coverage is an extension and complement of the public liability coverage which will cover up to $3,000,000.00 Mexican pesos to third persons or their properties. It also will include legal assistance if required.

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)

This coverage reduces the title holder’s responsibility for payment, in case of partial or total loss of the rented vehicle to a stipulated deductible according to the rented vehicle. It is applicable when the damage is more than the stipulated deductible for collision, if the damages are less than the stipulated deductible, then the total value of all damages will be charge to the client.


Your reservation doesn’t include CDW (Collision Damage Waiver). All rental cars must have this coverage, you will have to acquire this coverage directly in counter. In case of not acquiring it, we reserve the right to decline the service. America Car Rental don’t accept nor have agreements with third parties as credit cards, web sites, booking engines, insurance companies or banks for the coverage of damage caused to the vehicle. This coverage does not include to other parts of the vehicle (as windows, tyres, rims, etc.), administrative fees or accessories (as GPS, baby seat, personal belongings, etc.)

Reservations made through this site include this coverage. reservations made through affiliate channels of America car rental are recommended to review their reservation to insure this coverage is included.

TP (Partial Protection for theft)

This coverage partially liberates the client of the responsibility for the partial or total theft of the rented vehicle. If this coverage is declined, the client shall be liable for the total cost of the replacement up to the total amount of the rented vehicle. If the client accepts the TP coverage, he/she will only be liable for the stipulated amount of the deductible on the rental contract.

LDW (Loss Damage Waiver 0% Deductible)

This coverage eliminates all responsibility of payment in case of damages, partial or total theft of the rented vehicle. This coverage is greater than the coverages offered by credit card companies or any other means. This allows the client to better control their budget and not have additional charges. This coverage is invalidated if there any noncompliance of the terms and conditions of the rental contract. This coverage does not include loss or damage to the car keys, license plates of the rented vehicle, fines or towing services when required.

PAI (Personal coverage of medical expenses)

This coverage is for medical expenses to the title holder of the rental contract and the authorized occupants of the rented vehicle; in case of an accident.


TGI (Insurance for wheels and glass)

This coverage eliminates all liability for damage to the tires, rims and glass of the rented vehicle. Terms and conditions apply. (Does not apply if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs).

SRA (Highway assistance)

(Highway assistance) this coverage offers road assistance required for the rented vehicle (jump, starts, changing of tires, locksmith in case car keys are locked in the rented vehicle, gasoline). (does not include the cost of the gasoline). Some restrictions may apply.

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American car reviews and Video

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