Apr 30 2017

Amadeus e-Travel Management #alliance #travel #insurance

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Amadeus e-Travel Management

Key benefits

Control your corporate travel programme/policy implementation:

  • Define and review travel policies easily with the generation of automatic reports
  • Simplify access to travel services that comply with your travel policy
  • Facilitate travel request approval  with multi-level and cross-community approvals

Choose your travel technology and content suppliers

  • Provide flexibility with multi-GDS interface
  • Facilitate integration with your existing IT systems and 3rd party providers

Care of your travellers and the environment

  • Enable your travellers to easily compare air, webfares and rail in Single View(*), in order to choose the cheapest route aligned with company policy
  • Search and compare hotel options at a glance in a graphical map shopping display
  • Speed up the booking process with templates available in the Travel Arranger workspace
  • Book on the move, on Android and iPhone

Content sourcing, management, searching and booking

  • Access GDS and external content
  • Rely on advanced search tools

A proven track record in terms of migration, support, security and financial stability

  • Enables data security and reliability with largest data management site in EU, in house data housing
  • PCI DSS certification
  • R D: 2 Billion Euros invested since 2004 (#1 investor in R D in Travel Tourism in Europe)

(*) For SNCF, Deutsche Bahn and Swedish Rail

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