Jul 14 2017

Allstate vs State Farm – Home Insurance Comparison #insurance #quotes #auto

#home insurance comparison

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By: karla2489 | 1 / 5 | 58 days ago

I have been a customer of Allstate Insurance/The Parlato Agency in Buffalo, NY for over 10 years. I have multiple policies and I trusted JR Parlato to help and guide me regarding my insurance options, to inform me and assure me. keeping true to the Allstate motto of being “in good hands”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead I have been mislead, misinformed, deceived, and treated with the utmost disrespect. I have always paid my premiums on time or in advance. I have never filed a claim until recently. Not only was I told my damages wouldn’t be covered, but I was also told it was “my fault” I didn’t purchase the necessary riders. In addition Mr. Parlato insisted he was right and I was wrong, and stated he had proof in his notes. When I asked to see this proof, he told me to leave his office.

As if my disaster wasn’t devastating enough, along with his arrogant and nasty behavior. I now find out that the policy he wrote for my home was completely wrong.

I have used Allstate for 18 years (home & auto). Recently decided to finally file home owners claim for roof damage, first claim. Allstate sent an adjuster who said only 2 hail dents in two separate screens–really. Called customer service talked to very RUDE rep who got offended when I asked for second adjuster to come out. He said ” i assure you if I send out a second adjuster you will get nothing!” Had a reputable roofing company inspect roof and said there is definite hail damage. Sure enough second adjuster came and said there is absolutely no damage anywhere– really. So if you don’t mind paying money to a company who cepheerfuloyntakes your money’s, then when you finally do have a claim acts rude and disrespectful then Allstate is for you. I have always heard that Allstate is famous for denying claims and being very rude, now I can 100% verify that is the case! I am changing companies and telling everyone I know about Allstate. Buyer beware.

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