Nov 27 2016

All consumer complaints resolved for Credit Bureau Services Canada – Central Ontario BBB #melrose #credit #union

#canadian credit bureau

Credit Bureau Services Canada


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Misrepresentation – refers to themselves as ‘from the credit bureau’ – leaves the impression that it is ****** Credit Bureau calling or emailing

Here is the email I received:

Mr **************:

This is Mr. ********* contacting you from the Credit Bureau. I am contacting you in regards to your discussion with my colleague Mrs. ******** on January 28, 2014, and the subsequent e-mail on the same date advising you of the need to make a $100 payment in good faith to prevent further action on this account. This payment must be received no later than 5pm today, Friday, January *** 2014.

Call in with a credit card for immediate processing, or alternatively, go into any *************** and inform them you wish to make a direct deposit of $100 to branch number **** account number ******. If you choose to go that route I need you to call me back with the branch number the payment was made at, as well as the authorization number.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at this address, or call me at one of the numbers listed below. Again, I must reiterate, this payment must be made prior to 5pm today.

Thank you,

Desired Settlement

I want a letter by certified mail guaranteeing that they will no longer contact me or anyone else without fully identifying their company name and stating that in future they will include the statement that they are NOT affiliated with any Credit Bureau

Business Response

I will review with our employee the importance of stating our full specific company name which is Credit Bureau Services Canada, not just “the Credit Bureau”. However, we in no way are trying or attempting to mislead anybody by stating our name as the Credit Bureau or trying to confuse the consumer by making him think we are part of ****** Credit Bureau. In fact, I am not even aware of that company’s existence. This was merely a case of our employee shortening the name of our company in his email for convenience sake. The term Credit Bureau is deemed to be a generic term like “Credit Union” or “Bank” which is why so many companies have the term ‘credit bureau’ incorporated in their operating name. My opinion is that the consumer is confusing the term credit bureau with the two credit reporting agencies in Canada which are ******* and **********. We are not affiliated with either and never imply that we are.

Final Consumer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

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