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Aug 3 2019

All cars price list 2016 $ Video

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All cars price list 2016 $ Video, REMMONT.COM

All cars price list 2016

Hyundai Cars in India

Hyundai cars price starts at Rs. 3.35 lakh for the cheapest car EON and goes up to Rs. 32 lakh for the top model Hyundai Santa Fe.

Hyundai India has been a very popular brand among the Indian customers for past few years. The highlight of Hyundai cars is that these vehicles have user-friendly controls. Another advantage that works in Hyundai’s favour is the height of the car. It is at a perfect level for the average Indians, making it comfortable for them to stretch their feet without any cramping. One of the favourite cars of the first-time buyers has been the Hyundai Santro (the earlier version). Other than the basic Santro model (now revamped), Hyundai has 12 models on the Indian roads. It has rightly earned the distinction of being the second largest car manufacturing company in India. Hyundai offers cars in four categories on the Indian streets, namely hatchback, sedan, crossover and SUV. Here is the Hyundai car price list.

Hyundai Cars Price List in India

Upcoming Hyundai Cars

Know what’s going to launch soon in India. See all the upcoming cars at Autoportal.

About Hyundai Cars

Hyundai Motor India Limited manufactures Hyundai cars in India. It is a fully-owned subsidiary of the South Korean automobile manufacturing giant, Hyundai Motor Company. Hyundai Motors entered India for the first time in 1996 with the launching of its plant at Irungattukottai in Tamil Nadu on 06 May 1996. At that time, the Hyundai was an unknown entity in India. Maruti, Hindustan, Premier, Tata and Mahindra were the only Indian automobile manufacturers at that time. Some of the international players in the market were Daewoo, Ford, Opel and Honda. All these multinational companies were recent entrants in the Indian market.

As Tata and Mahindra concentrated on commercial utility vehicles, Maruti Suzuki had an absolute monopoly over the small passenger car market. Hyundai released their first model, the Hyundai Santro on 23 September, 1998. This model was a runaway success. Within a couple of years, Hyundai Motor India Limited became the second largest manufacturer of automobiles in India, a position they hold even in 2018.

The Santro Xing is the most famous model that ruled the Indian roads for a long time. Hyundai discontinued the production of the Santro Xing in 2014. However, the company has come up with a revised version of the Santro in 2018. Today, there are 13 models of Hyundai new cars on the roads in India. Through this journey, Hyundai introduced various vehicles and some of them are still functioning on road with repeated iteration in them with time. One of the oldest model is Hyundai Accent, which is in its latest avatar with the name Hyundai Verna. Though, the Accent name is now given to a new sedan car based on Hyundai Grand i10, but it is spelled as Hyundai Xcent. Currently, Verna is among the best selling C segment sedans, while Hyundai Creta is doing great in compact SUV segment.

Market Presence

Hyundai Motor India Limited introduced their first passenger car, the Santro, in 1998 as an alternative to the Maruti Suzuki vehicles. This Hyundai car model was an instant success with many first-time drivers preferring to go for the Santro. Even today, the Hyundai Santro and subsequently the Hyundai Eon are the favourite vehicles of first-time buyers.

By the year 2000, Hyundai earned the distinction of becoming the second largest manufacturer and seller of passenger cars in India after Maruti Suzuki. Today, with a market share of 16.3%, Hyundai retains the second spot. It is closing on the gap with Maruti Suzuki continuously over the years. Statistics point out that Hyundai had sold more than 530,000 vehicles in the year 2017-18.

Hyundai has two car manufacturing units in India, both in Tamil Nadu. The first plant started operations in 1996 in Irungattukottai. Hyundai opened its second plant nearby, in Sriperumbudur. Both these plants put together can manufacture 700,000 vehicles annually. Indians have some emotions attached to this brand as well. Not very long ago, the old version of the Hyundai Santro was the least expensive of Hyundai all cars. Today, the revamped version comes with additional features, making it more expensive than the Hyundai Eon, the car that had replaced the Santro as the basic model.

Hyundai Car Photos

Hyundai cars have always had a reputation for being the most stylish vehicles of all. A glance at the Hyundai car images will confirm this reputation. These vehicles come in a range of attractive colours like deep red, dark blue and the quintessential white.




Hyundai Cars – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the most popular Hyundai car in India?

The most popular Hyundai car is undoubtedly the Santro, with the i20 following it close behind.

Q2. Why do people prefer the Santro as their first car?

The Santro is one of the most comfortable cars to drive. It has a unique footrest option where you can place your left foot and relax during long drives.

Q3. Why are Hyundai cars more popular in South India as compared to the northern parts of the country?

Hyundai Motors India Limited has two manufacturing plants in Tamil Nadu within a distance of 25 km. Hence, you see a lot of Hyundai cars in South India as compared to North India.

Q4. Are Hyundai cars and Hyundai SUV reliable?

Yes, they are incredibly reliable as they have some advanced safety features.

Q5. Are Hyundai and Kia the same?

No, Kia and Hyundai are two different South Korean car models.

Q6. What are the new features in the revamped Santro?

The revamped Santro comes with better looks, additional airbags and ABS, and rear seat AC vents.

Q7. Why do people prefer the i20 to the i10?

The i20 is a more spacious vehicle as compared to the i10. But both are one of the best cars in India considering buyers’ satisfaction.

Q8. How is the i20 Active a crossover hatchback?

The i20 Active is a hatchback built like an SUV. It is a powerful vehicle. Hence, you can call it a crossover hatchback.

Q9. Is there any car in the Hyundai stable below INR 4 Lakh?

Yes, the basic model of the Hyundai Eon is available under INR 4 Lakh. This is one of the top 10 cheapest cars in India.

Q10. How many upcoming models of Hyundai cars can we expect in a year’s time?

There are 10 upcoming Hyundai models of which 8 will hit the Indian roads before the end of the year 2019.

Q11. Which are the best Hyundai automatic cars under 6 lakhs?

Hyundai Santro and Hyundai Grand i10 are the best hyundai automatic cars under 6 lakhs. Santro has an all-new AMT gearbox which is a breeze in city driving and bumper to bumper traffic.

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