#Alaska founded * #Video

#Alaska founded * #Video

#Alaska #founded

Alaska founded


Alaska founded

For more than 45 years, LGL has conducted marine mammal research and monitoring along the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, and Gulf of Mexico coasts of Canada and the U.S.A., as well as numerous projects overseas, including eastern Russia.

LGL and associates literally “wrote the book” on effects of noise on marine mammals. After years of studies of the effects of industrial disturbance on whales and other marine mammals in the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans, LGL scientists compiled their information with collaborating partners to publish a comprehensive treatise on the subject (Marine Mammals and Noise, 1995, Academic Press).

Fisheries Research and Management

LGL has worked on fisheries stocks in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans, in addition to those in the freshwater environments of North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Wildlife Research and Management

LGL has a long history of working with a wide range vertebrate and invertebrate wildlife species in North American habitats ranging from sub-tropical forests to Arctic tundra and pretty much everything in between.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Understanding the potential environmental impacts a project might have is key to determining the acceptability of a given proposal along with any ways in which adverse effects can be avoided or mitigated. At LGL, environmental assessment has been a primary focus of our work since the company began.

First Nation Support

LGL provides technical support and expert advice on natural resource matters to First Nations and other Indigenous peoples. By working from a base that combines scientific and traditional knowledge, our approach is to work collaboratively with all parties, seeking sustainable ways in which economic opportunities can proceed without compromising traditional and contemporary ecological values.

Our Sectors

While the majority of our clients are in North America, LGL provides services to clients around the globe. From the high Arctic to Australia, and from Newfoundland to Sakhalin Island, LGL addresses a wide range of environmental requirements and challenges.

From hands-on resource inventories and biological assessments to digital mapping to project design and management, our team of experts can deliver customized products – and solutions – for a wide range of environmental challenges. Clients that are seeking analytical and research / information-based products will choose LGL based on our solid reputation for taking objective approaches and delivering credible, defensible results. The experience and skills of our expert personnel are acknowledged and respected by our clients, by regulators, and by our peers, world-wide.


#Alaska founded * #Video

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