Sep 29 2017

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Air Ambulance Insurance Coverage for Medical Flights

Submitting Paperwork

In most cases, we will submit a request for preauthorization of our services to the insurance company. We may also prepare documentation – based on the patient’s medical condition and the attending physician’s recommendation – necessary to expedite the pre-authorization approval process with the insurance company.

Appealing Denials

In the event that coverage is denied or only partially approved, our team has the ability to appeal the insurance company’s decision. At Angel MedFlight, our health insurance experts assist our patients and their families by submitting a memorandum of points and authorities to the insurance company. The memorandum is supported by medical records, medical literature, and appropriate case law in an effort to overturn a coverage denial.

We understand that the circumstances surrounding a medical air transport are difficult. During this time, you can trust Angel MedFlight to protect your rights to ambulance benefits. Our commitment is to provide exceptional service to you, not only in the air, but also throughout.

“There are many circumstances where a patient might have coverage that is unknown to them…”

Coverage You May Not Know You Have

When a patient presents a financial hardship, the first step of our Flight Coordination team is to locate coverage. Air ambulance coverage is not just limited to health insurance plans, and Angel MedFlight works to identify multiple sources of insurance coverage in order to process difficult cases. There are many circumstances where a patient might have coverage that is unknown to them. Allow our dedicated team to complete an eligibility and benefits call so we can explore your rights to insurance coverage.

Here are some possibilities for potential coverage:

  • If you or your loved one was in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), there may be coverage for air ambulance services – even if you were somehow at fault.
  • Patients may not know they have coverage associated with their credit card or they may qualify for particular insurance like Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund.
  • Injuries sustained that relate to prior workers’ compensation claims may still be active and cover air ambulance transportation.

Astronaut Mark Kelly Knows

Patient Care and Safety are Mission Critical

Our dedicated team coordinates every detail and our award-winning medical crew is at your side every step of the way

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