Sep 1 2017

Affordable Server Log Monitoring Tool for Windows #monitoring #tools #for #windows


Powerful, Flexible Server Log Monitoring Tool

New features include:

Collection of syslog messages

LogMeister can now function as a syslog server, receiving syslog messages from across your network.

  • Sending syslog messages

    LogMeister can send syslog messages on to another server. You can use this functionality to forward not only messages from a syslog source, but also Windows events and entries in text-based log files too.

  • Export data to external databases via ODBC

    Reports can now perform automated exports to external databases via ODBC (MS SQL Server and Windows MySQL currently supported).

  • New ease-of-use features

    A number of new features to make setup and administration quicker and easier.

  • Multiple reports per feed

    Each feed can now have multiple reports, and each report can be triggered on demand as well as by schedule and/or store size.

  • New features still to come :

    Multi-User Web Interface (free upgrade to all version 5 users)

    View LogMeister/EventMeister feeds via a web interface.

  • Optional Agents (These are separate components that can be purchased as required)

    Option to use either agents or remote monitoring on a server by server basis.

  • Lisa J. Rosenberg Information Security Engineer

    “We are currently using Logmeister at several Army sites and we have several more sites interested in its event log monitoring capabilities.”

    Paul Barry MIS Department

    “One of my colleagues asked what the response times and level of helpfulness was like the other day since we bought the product. I told him I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of service and knowledge.”

    Doug Deden Network Systems Unit

    “We really like LogMeister. It’s simplified our server management greatly. Keep up the good work.”

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