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Aug 19 2017

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Affordable Health Insurance In Oklahoma

Insurance to most people is like a necessary evil. You have it not because you want it, but because you need it. There’s good news and bad news related to health insurance. The bad news first: a study from the American Journal of Medicine discovered that 62% of bankruptcies were somehow caused by medical bills in some way. In comparison, the rate was 8% in the 1980s. Here’s the good news. Increased competition has resulted in affordable health insurance in Oklahoma and has even developed a variety of products and pricing. Because we all know you need this affordable health insurance in Oklahoma, become educated about it so that you will make the best decision for yourself.

Important Facts

Taking a look at both individual insurance and employer sponsored insurance yields an obvious conclusion: employer sponsored insurance is with rare exception cheaper. The good news is that you may be able to take advantage of a Federal tax deduction for health insurance if you’re a small business owner. There’s also a refundable credit in Oklahoma that may help you out. Check with your CPA for the details.

A few other things you need to consider. It’s always better to get good individual health insurance before you get sick. In fact the premiums will still stay lower after you get sick than if you get the very same insurance after you get sick. Also, individual health insurance coverage is less likely to drop you than employer sponsored coverage, so even though it costs more, individual insurance is better in that the employer sponsored insurance may drop you when you need it the most.

Which Insurance Providers Operate in Oklahoma

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma
  • Celtic Ins. Co.
  • Coventry Health Care of Oklahoma Inc.
  • Humana
  • UnitedHealthcare

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for Coverage?

Trying to find the magic number of coverage for you is difficult because your situation is unique. However, some facts can guide you in the right direction. The primary component of bankruptcies is medical bills. Of those people who went into bankruptcy, 75% had health insurance. Apparently, they didn’t have sufficient health insurance though. Instead of becoming a statistic, get enough health insurance  in order to cover your needs.

Remember health insurance covers your health. It’s does not cover your car’s health or your home’s health if you will. If your house gets struck by lightning and burns down, you get the insurance money. If the insurance payout is insufficient, you can take out a loan, and then later you start paying the loan off. Since health insurance covers you, it pays out when bad things happen to your body. If you don’t have enough, you will not be paying it off because when you’re sick, you won’t be working, and thus, you won’t be making money. So that bill sits there acquiring interest until you get better. But you won’t be thinking about how much the hospital bed is costing you. You’ll simply want to get better. And when it’s a family member, it’s the same thing: you will just want him or her to get better.  Money really is not an object any more.  After the fact, the bill will still be there, though.  Even though life can take you by surprise, you can prepare for some of the avenues of attack by having affordable health insurance in Oklahoma to keep you financially afloat.

How Can I Find Ways to Save?

We have something to make your finding health insurance in Oklahoma much easier. Our specialized comparison tool will help you find the best price and coverage. Simply enter your zip code at the top of the page and click Go to receive your free comparison of affordable health insurance in Oklahoma. It’s really that straightforward.

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