Aug 24 2017

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I CAN T BELIEVE I MADE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN! Almost two years after my first debacle with Advantage, I made the same mistake and reserved another car here through Priceline via Kayak. I forgot the address is listed incorrectly on Priceline, indicating that this business is AT the airport and experienced deja vu (all over again) when I showed up to rent my car and realized I d have to shuttle to the off-airport location. The staff was nice this time, although slow, and said that they ve called Priceline numerous times to try to get the address corrected.

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3 reasons to go elsewhere:

1. It s far away: I made my reservation through Priceline, but my email… 3 reasons to go elsewhere:

1. It s far away: I made my reservation through Priceline, but my email confirmation listed the address of the airport, not the ACTUAL address, which is about a mile away from the airport. When I didn t find the Advantage counter with all the other rental cars, I called one of the numbers in my email confirmation and got Hertz. Not helpful. The second number took me to Advantage where a nice young man explained that I would have to walk back to the terminal and catch a shuttle outside baggage claim. So far, this is mostly Priceline s fault. But then I got to the off-airport Advantage rental counter.

2. They were slow: Advantage shares the building with Dollar/Thrifty rental car and while the line for Dollar/Thrifty was spilling out the door, there was no one in line for Advantage. However, by the time the two Advantage clerks had figured out all my details, the last guy in line at Dollar/Thrifty was being helped.

3. They lied to me: They told me that they didn t have the compact car that I had reserved so I would need to wait for 20 minutes. I asked if they had any other cars and one of them told me that the only car was a minivan.  I felt that I should get the minivan at the compact car rate since they couldn t honor my reservation and after some negotiating, I finally got a set of keys. to a silver car in the second row (not visible). I went outside and hit the lock button several times, and a bright, shiny, silver compact car was beeping at me. Confused, I went back in and said Hey, you know these aren t the keys to a minivan, right? The woman scowled at me and said, We know.

Meh, super cheap rates aren t worth all the hassle here. Read more

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