Adc inmate lookup

Adc inmate lookup

Arizona Department of Corrections March 10, 2019 by Martin Bell As in Arizona state the arrest ratio is higher than the national arrest rate, the inmates in state are kept inВ federal prisons

March 10, 2019 by Martin Bell

As in Arizona state the arrest ratio is higher than the national arrest rate, the inmates in state are kept inВ federal prisons and in Arizona state prisons.В The ADC history starts on February 18, 1876 when laying of the cornerstone is done in an official ceremony at Prison Hill and on July 1, 1876 seven convicts were imprisoned in Prison Hill. TheВ Arizona Department of Corrections is headed by a director. Current director is Charles L. Ryan.В The Arizona Department of Corrections (abbreviated as ADC) maintains the record of all inmates incarcerated in Arizona state prisons. As ADC provides the online inmate search facility to online users, anybody can easily find the records of inmates present in AZ state’s prisons.

ADC does not maintain or show the records of federal inmates, so those inmates can be searched easily through BOP website which is managed by Federal BOP.

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Arizona State Jails

All the list of prisons types where inmates or offenders are kept in Arizona are listed below:

  • County Jail
  • City Jail
  • Police Department Jail
  • Regional Facility
  • State Prison
  • Private Facility
  • Federal BOP Reentry & Treatment Facility
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)
  • County Jail Administration
  • State Prison Administration
  • US Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

Top Crimes in Arizona State

The Arizona state has arrest rate of 41 criminals per 1000 people, asВ per official records. The arrest rate in Arizona state is higher than the national arrest rate.

The list of most committed crimes in Arizona state are given below with number of times the crime is reported.


Crime Category Amount
Property Crimes 37592
Larceny Theft 31907
Drug Abuse Violations 30309
Other Assults 26150
Dui 23498
Disorderly Conduct 15874
Drunkenness 14100
Violent Crimes 11145
Vandalism 10031
Liquor Laws 9745


Property crimes is the most committed crime in Arizona withВ 37592 cases reported.В Larceny theft is the second most committed crime with 31907 reported cases.

Authority Arizona Department of Corrections (DOC)
Arizona State Prison Inmate Search
Phone 602-542-5497
Address 1601 W. Jefferson, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Arizona Department of Correction (ADC) Inmate Lookup

Arizona Department of Correction (ADC) provides an online service to lookup the inmate currently incarcerated in all prisons managed by Arizona Department of Corrections. To search any inmate follow the steps given below:

First visit theВ Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) inmate datasearch page.

Once the ADC data search page is load, scroll little bit down to locate ‘ADC Inmate Data Search’ section.

The ADC provides two ways to search the inmate either by inmate number or by inmate name.

To search by number, enter the inmate number in first field of search box and press ‘Go’ button. The ADC data search will display the relevant information of the inmate by this process.

If you don’t know the correct inmate number then you can still perform the research by providing name of the inmate. To perform name search, enter the inmate’s last name in first field of ‘Name Search Box’, and first initial in second field. Then press the go button. The ADC data search will display all inmates matching the last name and first initial. To narrow the search select the gender and current status from: ‘Active’, ‘Inactive’, ‘Supervised/Parole’,’Absconder’. It will remove the irrelevant inmates from the result page.




Adc inmate lookup



Adc inmate lookup

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