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Location and Directions:

Store Policies:

Please reference this general guide to our store policies to gain an overall basic sense of how we do business. When you rent an item or self storage space from us, your Rental Contract contains specific, detailed rules and policies. This online summary contains only general guidelines.

Rental Inventory Rates

Items are provided to you in clean and fully operational condition and must be returned in the same condition. Your rental price is actually the sum of “rental rate”, the “10% Damage Waiver” and the “Deposit”. The Damage Waiver can be deleted via your request, however we highly discourage this. For the 10% fee, you will not be charged should your items be accidentally damaged through normal wear-and-tear usage. From time-to-time, wear items will break without warning, and accidents (such as dropping, tipping, or shifting) will occur. For this small fee in advance, you will not be charged or held responsible for the shop labor and price of repair parts. Bear in mind, this is not Insurance. Should you, however clearly abuse, lose, or otherwise destroy a piece of equipment, you will be held responsible for the cost of parts and shop labor. Most items, but not all, require a prepaid deposit. When you return an item it is checked over in a reasonable time frame, to ensure functionality and cleanliness. If you had paid the 10% Damage Waiver, and no abuse is evident, the item is reasonably clean, but incidental accidental breakage has occurred, you will be refunded your Deposit in full. If you had chosen to NOT pay the Damage Waiver and the described above conditions exist, you WILL receive the Deposit back, less costs of repair once determined. In either case all items must be returned clean to avoid cleaning fees.

Reservations and Cancellations

Depending on item availability, you may be able to rent items on a first-come-first-served basis, without a prior reservation. We strongly recommend reservations either in store or via credit card over the phone to ensure the item is yours for the time frame you need it. To Reserve an item, payment in full is required. Should you not be able to use items you have reserved for any reason, such as weather changes or scheduling issues, you will be given a store credit to be held for another day for the amount prepaid. In an overall sense, no refunds are given. A case-by-case review is possible for refunds to be determined by management. Should a refund be deemed necessary, we may keep 10% to cover our administrative and credit card processing costs. Specifically for Party Item rentals, reservations requested to be cancelled must occur at least 14 days prior to the date reserved. The 10% cost will still apply. If the cancellation request is given within less than 14 days of the event, the entire rental reservation price will be forfeited, less the deposit.

Loading and Unloading of items into Customer Vehicles

We will assist upon request to load, tie-down, and unload. However all responsibility for safe tie down and or any damage to the loaded/unloaded vehicle and contents belongs to the renter/vehicle owner.

Our Philosophy

We strive to provide you with highly effective, safe, and easy-to-use equipment and party items at fair prices. You are not only renting physical items but you are renting time. Damage and Cancellations cost us far more than the price of your rental. Once under reservation the item is contracted to be yours for the specified time. A cancellation or damage costs us the opportunity to rent to another customer. We are also keenly aware of unexpected events that change your plans, and we strive to give you good and honest service time and time again. Your repeat business over time is most important to us.

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