Jul 15 2017

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How CashLady Loans work

Applying with Cash Lady Short Term Loans

Applying with Cash Lady is easy, you fill out our simple application form as accurately as possible and hit apply. We will then do all the hard work for you. Your application will be seen by our panel of leading short term lenders so you will be effectively applying to them all in just one application. And the best thing is this service is completely free. We will not charge you anything at any point. Instead, we receive a fee from the lenders for any customers we send to them.

We work with different types of lenders offering different types of short-term loans. While the majority are payday lenders (short-term loans repaid in one instalment), we also work with lenders who offer short term personal loans with up to six monthly repayments, and lines of credit. which are a per-day method of borrowing money. If you’d prefer your application to be shown only to payday lenders, you can do this by selecting 1 month on the ‘loan duration’ field.

When you apply, you need to fill in some personal details, including your home, work, employment and regular expenses. When you’ve filled it in, we pass it across to the lenders to see if we can find a match for you. Please note that some lenders may offer you a loan for an approximate amount, which may be higher or lower than the exact amount you applied for.

If your application is accepted by a lender (or provisionally accepted, pending some further checks), you will be emailed the details of the loan offer and forwarded to that lender’s website, so you can take the time to read the lender’s terms and conditions to see if you are happy with that offer. If you are, you then deal directly with that lender. The amount of time an offer is open for depends on the lender – some will keep the offer valid for a few days, while others may only keep the offer valid the first time you are redirected to their site.

Each lender has their own repayment policy, but in the majority of cases, repayment will be set up automatically when you agree to the loan offer. It is usually set up to go out on or just after your payday.

Short Term Loan Charges

Cash Lady does not charge for applications or charge any membership fees. If you are matched to a lender, you will need to pay the interest and charges associated with the offer from that lender.

Charges can vary depending on the type of loan you are offered, which lender you are matched to and your current financial situation. Because of this, the charges below are illustrative and we do not guarantee that this is the amount you will repay if you accept a loan offer. However, the lender will give you a clear description of any and all costs involved in your loan, which you will have time to consider before choosing whether or not to accept it.

The loan types that you may be offered are a payday loan, a 2-6 month short term personal loan or a line of credit – the lenders your application is seen by will depend on the loan duration field.

If you take out a payday loan, you’ll usually be expected to repay around £24 per £100 that you borrow for 30 days. Short Term Loans vary depending on how long you take it out for – please see the charges table below. With short term loans, you may be offered the opportunity to revise your loan duration during your application, allowing you to pin point exactly how long you need the loan for.

Some lenders will charge extra fees for transmission or same day/hour service (which is usually optional). This will be made clear to you at the offer stage if so.

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