Jul 14 2017

AAA Insurance Reviews #auto #insurance #rates

#auto insurance reviews

AAA Insurance Reviews

AAA Insurance Reviews Direct from the Auto Club

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is one of the oldest companies in the United States that sells auto insurance. They were founded in 1902 to lobby for improved roads. They continue to enjoy that heritage and have a respected tradition of roadside assistance, iconic maps, and now car insurance. The following AAA insurance reviews are from actual customers.

AAA primarily focuses on auto insurance, but they also offer home and life insurance. If you have an experience with AAA, leave a review good or bad.

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Knowing that I have road service gives me an extra measure of confidence on Michigan s wintery roads. Whether it be a slide in the ditch or just a dead battery I can call and get the help I need no matter where I am at .relief. On those occasions that I have needed this service the communication and response to my need has been above average allowing me to rest easy as I drive those back roads where the plows go last. I also have the confidence of knowing that if another family member is in need, they too can access this service avoiding being stranded when it is dangerously cold or slippery.

Additionally, when we have needed to make minor changes to our policy the customer service has been friendly and efficient, making prompt changes and billing us at our convenience. We have also appreciated the agents understanding of adding teenage drivers to our plan. They work hard to give me the best rate for the current situation which seems to always be changing. When we travel we have made us of the AAA discounts as hotels and attractions both domestically and internationally, and the benefits regarding rental cars.

AAA has also been a front runner in keeping up with changing technology with many online options for assistance. It is these extras that keep me coming back to AAA for my insurance needs over and over. If you are shopping for insurance consider the perks that AAA offers and check out their service and rates I have appreciated both over the many years I have been associated with them.

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