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Auto Insurance

Why do I need auto insurance?

In order to protect yourself and your car in the event of an accident, it is important to purchase auto insurance. Not only is it important for your own protection, but it is also required by law in most states. It provides you with a safety net in the event of damages or loss. The different types of coverage include bodily injury, property damage, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, personal injury protection and uninsured motorist.

Why should I buy from AAA?

AAA Insurance Agency’s auto rates could be much less than the rates you are paying now. We represent many highly rated companies including our own AAA Insurance Company, Metropolitan Casualty Insurance Co. Progressive, Travelers, Infinity and SAFECO. If your insurance rates keep climbing and you’re not sure why, take the time to talk to us. We’ll provide you with personal one-on-one attention, not just a voice on the phone. Then we’ll evaluate your current auto insurance policy and provide you with a free quote with no obligation. It doesn’t get any easier!

What kinds of discounts are available?

There are a variety of ways that we can help lower your auto insurance premiums. Did you know that high performance and luxury vehicles require a higher premium because their theft rates are higher and they are more expensive to repair? Did you know that city drivers pay more than drivers in rural areas because urban areas have higher theft and accident rates? To help keep your premiums down, check to see if any of these discounts can be applied to you:

  • Driver Side Airbags
  • Alarms
  • Good Driver Record
  • Seat Belts & Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Driver Training & Defensive Driving Courses: ACSIC’s “Drive Smart” program works with the National Safety Council to help provide such classes. For more information on this program, or other discounts provided by ACSIC, call your local AAA branches in Florida and Georgia only.
  • Mature Driver: For drivers between 50-65 years old.
  • Multi-Car: For those insuring more than one car with the same company.
  • Multi-Policy: For those insuring both their property and their automobiles through the same company.
  • Good Student: For those drivers under the age of 25, who have maintained a B average for the preceding semester in high school or college.

Another way to keep costs down is to increase your deductible if you can handle the out-of-pocket expense. Or, consider dropping your collision coverage as your car ages. There comes a time when your car’s book value is less than the cost of repairing it. You can find the current value of your car from the N.A.D.A. Official Used Car Guide.

Plus, if you are already a AAA Member, you can save even more with AAA Insurance Agency. Rates for AAA Members have never been better – you can save up to $100*.

Isn’t it about time you cashed in on great savings?

*For qualified drivers. Rates vary by state insurance company.

What is a deductible?

The amount you must pay out-of-pocket before your insurance pays anything.

What is liability?

Liability insurance coverage provides for bodily injury and/or property damage caused by you. Limits of liability coverage selected should reflect the assets you stand to lose in the event you are held legally liable.


Due to heavy rains you are unable to stop before hitting the car in front of you, causing bodily injury damage of $25,000 and property damage of $10,000. If your limits are inadequate to provide for the damages, your assets would then be at risk.

What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?

This is a broader version of the medical payments insurance. It pays for medical care, lost wages and replacement services for the injured party, and pays regardless of fault.

What is Uninsured Motorist (UM)?

It pays the costs of any damages and injuries that result from being hit by an uninsured motorist or a hit-and-run driver. Both you and your passengers are covered for medical expenses and lost wages.

What is Underinsured Motorist (UIM)?

It pays for damages that exceed the amount of coverage carried by an uninsured driver. You choose the limit when you purchase this coverage.

What is Collision?

Collision pays for damage to your vehicle that results from colliding with another vehicle or object, or if your vehicle rolls over. Your vehicle is covered no matter who causes the accident.

What is Comprehensive?

It pays for damage to your auto caused by something other than a collision, such as theft, vandalism, fire, flood and hail.

What are Medical Payments?

Medical payments cover the cost of doctors, hospitals and funeral expenses for you and/or your passengers that result from an accident – regardless of fault. This insurance will protect you when you drive another person’s car (with permission), or if you or your family are hit when acting as pedestrians.

What is No Fault Insurance?

Each person’s insurance company pays for certain financial losses, such as medical or lost wages, regardless of fault. In exchange for these benefits, the right to sue may be restricted.

Refers to a person who is driving a vehicle that has been loaned to him or her by the owner of the vehicle. Under most bodily injury and personal property coverage, injuries to someone or something caused by a third party driver are covered. But consider this: regardless of the driver, the insurance will still only cover up to the policy limits. The insured driver of the car would become personally liable for any damages as a result of judgments above these limits. Plus, accidents caused by third parties will count against the insured driver’s record.

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