Nov 21 2016

A Review Of Auto Insurance America #umbrella #insurance

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A Review Of Auto Insurance America

Find out more about Auto Insurance America and see if it makes sense for you right now. Learn more about Auto Insurance America and enjoy this article.

Auto Insurance America is an insurance company serving Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico; they provide renters insurance, automobile insurance, watercraft insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, mobile home insurance, and homeowners insurance.

The company has been in business since 1972 and offers automobile insurance for both “clean record” drivers and those with less than stellar driving records.

Because the company has been around so long with the same management, it’s impressive that they can be a reasonably priced insurance company with competitive rates even as compared to more cut-rate companies.

An Overview

Auto Insurance America is a good basic company with decent coverage no matter who you are. They also offer special coverage for those with DUI records, something many insurers don’t do. Additionally, they offer senior citizen discounts and special “monthly birthday discount” pricing for those under 30 who normally have to pay higher rates.

You do have to be careful to read policy requirements, because, for example, some have complained that their policies have been canceled for car-pooling, or have complained that customer service is less than stellar. Nonetheless, these are practices many companies follow in that if you’re carpooling, for example, you may not have coverage for everyone driving or using your vehicle.

Therefore, specific types of coverage may have you as the only one able to drive your car if that’s the insurance policy you chose. As to customer service, many people are cutting back on customer service costs as a means to save money. This is a trend across the business industry, not just insurance, and therefore customer service problems may be more apparent across the board then was once true.

Be careful to check rates and do some comparison-shopping

Although Auto Insurance America does have decent rates for most people, do comparison shop between companies even so. You may be able to find better coverage for less money, although some of the amenities Auto Insurance America offers may not be available at these rates from other companies, such as coverage for those with drunk driving convictions or special “discount” rates for young drivers.

Convenience of being able to pay your bill online

As with many auto insurance companies today, Auto Insurance America allows customers to pay their bills online, which is convenient and easy to do.

The bottom line?

Auto Insurance America is a decent company with a good customer service record, although these days, customer service may leave something to be desired simply because of the cost cutting measures the company is trying to implement. Because customer service has taken a bit of a back seat, customers have to be especially vigilant that they read policy requirements carefully and follow them to the letter.

Sudden cancellation of policies for things consumers didn’t know were forbidden previously (such as the aforementioned carpooling restriction) does happen, and the company does not necessarily warn beforehand. Therefore, be proactive if you do take out a policy with Auto Insurance America. because you’re going to have to know the fine print to make sure you don’t violate anything in your policy.

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