Sep 5 2017

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A Complete Development Methodology

LANSA provides a complete platform for building business-oriented, database-centric applications using a collection of robust, reusable components. In short, LANSA lets you develop applications faster at a fraction of the cost of traditional development methodologies because, in most cases, you just assemble business components and do not write code. LANSA recognizes that reusing existing assets, to create new composite applications, dramatically lowers both the cost and complexity of delivering new business systems.

Our customers have discovered that our methodology is better than conventional development methodologies because:

  • They can build applications quickly
  • Their applications are easier to change
  • They are not tied to a particular infrastructure configuration
  • They get a tailored system in less time than it takes to implement a package
  • Their existing investments in code, data and skills are reused, thereby saving money and reducing technical risk
  • Their applications easily connect and share data with other systems via standard interfaces

Whether you are looking to develop new solutions, modernize your legacy applications or integrate and extend business systems, LANSA is the right product for you.

It would seem obvious that the “best” development tools are those that significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) – this encompasses the initial design and development as well as the ongoing application maintenance, modernization and extension. Most common Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools only address the initial design and development. Because of LANSA’s unique Business Rules Engine, RAD morphs into RADM – because ongoing maintenance, modernization and extension are LANSA’s forte.

No matter what development methodology you use – agile, waterfall or your own, here are the tasks that need to be performed from start to finish when developing a new business application:

LANSA lets you develop applications faster at a fraction of the cost of traditional development methodologies.

Requirements Analysis

  • Requirements analysis
  • System definition
  • Prototyping

I am proud to support such a large organization with a very small team. Most other companies of comparable size have double the size of our IT department. Our small team is a sure sign how efficient the LANSA development environment is.

Hermen Yau, MIS director of Radica Limited

Today we only need one person to maintain all our applications, which are the equivalent of a thousand traditional RPG programs.

François Xavier Moya, IT manager at Pierre Lelong Service

We built a complex high quality application in a short time. I estimate that we developed the Vehicle Management System at least 3 times faster than we would have done with RPG. But it is not just a matter of comparing development times. With RPG we would not have achieved the same consistency and quality.

Tony Chadwick, Chief Information Officer at Porsche Cars in North America

Allianz has a very measured technology investment approach. Initially LANSA was our tactical interim solution. But the LANSA solutions have proven themselves and LANSA keeps evolving. After intensive evaluation, we have elevated LANSA to our strategic solution. LANSA is our tool of choice for Web development until we evaluate again in five years time.

Karen Forte, IT Manager at Allianz Ireland

What I like most about LANSA is its flexibility between different platforms and its single skill set approach. Because we can use the same LANSA skills for 5250, Windows, Web and XML solutions, we can develop most solutions with our own IT staff. LANSA insulates the developer from the technology and allows us to focus on the business requirements of the systems.

Kevin McLatchie, Manager IS Technology and Planning Apria Healthcare

LANSA lives up to our expectations and more. We can deliver high quality, maintainable code very quickly. It is not just LANSA’s Repository and 4GL, it is the complete development environment with task tracking, multi-lingual help text and auto-generated documentation that makes this possible.

Andrew Page, Co-founder Director at CHP Consulting

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