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Aug 13 2019

#Affordable individual health insurance plans $ #Video

#Affordable #individual #health #insurance #plans

Affordable individual health insurance plans

Individual Health Insurance

You hear a lot of talk about health care plans that cover groups, but what about individual health insurance? What is it? What does it mean exactly? Today we’re going to talk about insurance designed specifically for an individual and why it’s important to you.

Why Do You Need Individual Health Insurance Plans?

Life can have some unexpected consequences, and while you might feel perfectly fine, and healthy right now, there is a chance that you could find yourself falling ill or even on the wrong end of an unfortunate accident. Once something like this occurs, you’re going to quickly come to realize why it is so important to have insurance coverage. The hospital expenses will stack up, and before you know it you could find your savings bled dry. Medical insurance for individuals is a coverage that will help to prevent those costs whether you are being treated as an inpatient, or outpatient. Your health insurance plan could save you money on many different potential expenses including:

* Doctor’s Visits
* Prescription Drug Coverage
* Preventative Care
* Etc

When you buy into a plan of this nature you will normally have a monthly premium, copayments, coinsurance, and an annual deductible. There are some factors that can influence the amount of money that you pay per month including:

* Age
* Tobacco Use
* Drug Use

A Plan of your Own

Individual health insurance differs significantly from group insurance or insurance offered through your healthcare provider as it is quite literally a plan of your own. You can choose the features, you can interact with the company, and you can control the level of healthcare that you receive. As an insurance customer you will have access to a network of healthcare professionals which have manage to negotiate far lower rates with insurance companies, ensuring that the savings is passed right along to you.

Individual insurance will also help you to keep track of medical payments for personal finance reasons and for tax reasons. Overall: you can use insurance to safeguard your way of life.

Common Insurance Terms

As the holder of an individual health insurance plan you will need to be familiar with some of the most common insurance terms which include:

Deductible – The amount of money that you need to pay toward your own medical bills annually before the insurance company begins to pay. Keep in mind that some plans do not have a deductible.

Premium – The amount you pay to keep your coverage active. Some will pay annually, but there are many people who will pay their premium on a monthly basis instead.

Coinsurance – The percentage of the bill that you share with the insurance company after paying the deductible. There are some policies that cover everything 100%, but most will require you to pay coinsurance. Ask your insurance company for more information regarding their policies on this.

Copayment – This is the amount of money that you will pay each time you visit a doctor’s office or fill a prescription at the pharmacy. Normally this is a small amount, around $15 to $20 depending on the cost of the prescription.

Types of Individual Health Insurance Plans

Finally, we are going to cover some of the different types of health insurance plans that you might find yourself working with:

HMO’s: This is the typical coverage for preventative care, and it includes specialist visits. Something to keep in mind however, is that specialist visits will only be covered if you receive a referral from your PCP. HMO’s are best for patients that see their provider on a regular basis.

PPO’s: Under a PPO plan, you will be able to see any provider in your insurance company’s network, including specialists, and you will not need a referral. Any treatment that you do receive however will require a copayment and you will need to pay an annual deductible.

EPO’s: EPO plans force you to stay within the EPO network with no coverage outside of your plan unless for emergencies. These are plans for individuals that do not mind sticking with a single doctor.

POS: A hybrid of the HMO and PPO, this plan will require you to select your PCP for regular checkups, but if you are willing to pay more out of pocket, then you can choose an out of network provider. It’s a versatile plan, though it does cost a bit extra.

HDHP: It offers a lower monthly premium, but the downside is that you will need to pay a high deductible before the insurance company meets your needs. If you’re looking to save money, and if you are in relatively good health, this can be a good option for you.

Short Term: Short term plans are more limited than major medical, but they can still help to preserve your finances in the event you find yourself in an accident or succumbing to an illness. One thing to note is that short term plans may exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Get the Coverage you Need Now

Getting the coverage you need is critical and it is most definitely not something that you should be putting off. Call us today for more information and choose an individual healthcare plan that will keep you covered and most importantly, out of debt.

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Individual Health Insurance

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