Sep 22 2019

California State Automobile – Insurance Services in Petaluma, CA, california state automobile insurance.

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California State Automobile

111 Lynch Creek Way

Petaluma, CA 94954-8301

Phone: (707) 763-0973 | Fax: (707) 765-0260

Petaluma families can depend on California State Automobile to provide guidance and answer any questions. Their office location is 111 Lynch Creek Way or call (707) 763-0973 to talk with a representative. Servicing Petaluma and the entire Sonoma county region.

If you’re trying to find insurance agents in Petaluma, CA or just looking to lower your rates we can help. Here are some insurance buying best practices.

  • A neighborhood insurance services provider like California State Automobile can make it easier to determine the correct insurance coverages for your financial situation. Licensed California insurance agents are educated to uncover possible protection gaps within your insurance coverage.
  • Your Petaluma auto insurance rates can be reduced significantly by raising your collision and comprehensive or ‘other than collision’ deductibles. If you have an auto accident or your car gets damaged in a hail storm you’ll have to pay more to have the damage fixed, but higher deductibles mean less premium each year and your savings may more than make up for the increased cost at claim time.
  • Petaluma home owners can reduce their insurance premiums simply by raising their insurance deductible. A deductible is the amount of money you pay out-of-pocket when you have a homeowners insurance claim. By agreeing to pay a higher amount, your insurance company will reduce your homeowners insurance premium. As long as you don’t have frequent claims, the savings on your lower premium could add up to more than the additional deductible you have to pay at claim time.
  • To save money on your home insurance, consider installing a security or surveillance system. Some insurance companies in California may give you a break on your rates if you have a monitored security system installed. Check with your insurer prior to installing a system to see which systems they recommend.


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