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Aug 6 2019

Excellent credit rating score * Video

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Excellent credit rating score * Video, REMMONT.COM

Excellent credit rating score

Excellent credit rating score

Many factors come into play when a car company analyzes you for a car lease. Most importantly, they want to see your ability to make regular on time payments. Make sure you understand the minimum credit requirements ahead of time to avoid rejection.

Looking for a traditional car loan or auto financing through companies like Ford, GM or Lexus? Your credit score will be a huge factor in whether or not your financing request is approved. Find out the credit score you’ll need for an auto loan or to get auto financing through major car companies.

Computer Financing

Anyone that is considering financing a computer should be aware of the minimum credit requirements. Computer financing is available through companies like Apple. Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc. , but each has its own set of credit requirements. Before you finance a laptop, desktop or tablet computer, find out what the credit requirements are to avoid being declined.

Credit Card

Many life events such as divorce bankruptcy or job loss can have a negative impact on your credit score. Once your credit score has dropped below a certain level, proactive credit repair is the only way to raise the score back to a level that is acceptable by lenders.

Credit Score

The credit score or FICO score is the metric that is used most widely to determine whether or not a potential borrower will be capable of making regular, on-time payments. Check out your credit score to avoid being declined for financing – which can be both embarrassing and a waste of time.


Bankruptcy is the legal process of eliminating or repaying debt through liquidation of assets and reorganizing your payments. Some debts may be eliminated but many debts must still be paid even after filing for bankruptcy. Finding alternative ways to solve your financial problems is always the best choice. However, bankruptcy may be an option for people who are unable to pay their debts due to unfortunate circumstances.

Credit Rating

Your credit rating is your overall financial picture that includes your credit score, your credit report, earnings, current debt and many other factors. Managing your money wisely and correcting any issues with your credit history can improve your credit rating.

Credit Score Agencies

Certain situations in life require a review of your credit report before extending credit, granting security clearance or approving employment. If there are credit requirements for a situation you are facing, you can find out what’s on your credit report for free from the three major credit score agencies. Each year, everyone can view his or her credit report for free from all three major credit-scoring agencies.

Financial Products

Explore some of the best financial products available online that have been approved by our team. This section includes offerings to some of the best credit card offerings and financial services available online. Check the section out and learn if you can save money on some of the services you use most often.

Good Credit Lifestyle

There are things you can do everyday to help improve your credit score, reduce your debt and live a lifestyle of good credit. Learn how to pay down those credit card debts and why getting your credit report is a good idea. You can also find out how to make choices everyday that help build your credit rating as well as get important tips on avoiding identity theft.

Getting approved for a mortgage can be difficult and frustrating, but knowing what to expect, how to get approved and especially important tips for paying it down can reduce your anxiety. Find out about how to buy your own home and what you need to know about getting a mortgage.

Mortgage Refinance

If you own your own home, refinancing your mortgage is one of the easiest ways to consolidate your debt and reduce your monthly interest payments. However, refinancing your home can extend the life of your loan and increases the amount you will pay in interest.

Personal Loan

If you need money for your wedding, a vacation or to cover some expenses, you might consider a personal loan. A personal loan requires no collateral, and can cost less than payday loans, pawnshops and overdrafts. Personal loans often have high interests rates and fees.

Phone, TV & Utilities

Phone companies, cable and Internet providers often have their own credit scoring system or require a down payment of some sort. Many providers will have you sign a term contract requiring you to pay for the equipment with the services monthly. It’s best to research several competing companies before you sign. Know your rights and do your research before signing a term contract or starting any service.

Recreational Vehicle Loans

Recreational vehicles, boats and motorhomes are major purchases and often require good credit scores. However, you can get financing through banks and recreation vehicle companies if you are prepared to make regular, timely payments.

Store Credit Cards

Major department stores and boutiques have their own store credit card that can offer benefits to frequent shoppers. If you shop at a particular store often enough, using their store credit card might give you discounts, rebates, access to exclusive merchandise or invitations to unadvertised sales. Some stores have minimal credit requirements but charge a high interest rate so read the fine print.

Popular Answers

10 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Are you trying to raise your credit score to qualify for a mortgage or car loan? Would you like to get approved for a fantastic rewards credit card? Here are ten things you can do that will improve your credit score over time.

What Credit Score do I Need for a Car Loan?

When looking for a car loan, your credit score will play the biggest role in determining whether you are eligible to be approved. Other factors such as employment experience and history as well as the length of time you have been staying in you residence are also part of the equation, however, the credit score for a car loan will always be the most important factor.

Good Credit Management Starts With Our Free E-Book: Understanding Your Credit Report

It isn’t easy to get and maintain a good credit score. It takes years of good money management to build up a good credit score but it doesn’t take much to damage your credit score. Before you buy a car, secure a home loan or simply apply for credit cards, you need to know what’s on your credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies; TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

What Credit Score is Needed for a VA Loan?

VA loans are home loans that are offered to certified veterans who have been out of active duty for at least two years. This is a great program to take advantage of, regardless of credit score, but it does option a very attractive option for those who have less that perfect credit who might not qualify for a home loan in any other way.

What Credit Score is Needed for a HomePath Loan?

A HomePath loan is a line of credit offered through Sallie Mae and available through associated lenders. This loan program is designed to allow those with less than perfect credit to qualify for a home loan, and also obtain reasonable terms of said loan. Only certain homes qualify for this type of loan, generally those that have been foreclosed upon, so it is important that you locate eligible properties in your area.

What Credit Score is Needed for Dell Financing?

There are times when many of us find ourselves needing, without the capital to purchase said item outright. Take, for example, the loss of a home computer. Most of us cannot live without our computers, but these are one of the more expensive items we buy for ourselves. Many people look towards financing options to help them make large purchases such as a new computer or laptop.

Credit Score Needed To Get A Car Loan?

At present, the average credit score for Americans is 670. However, this score is neither a bad credit score nor an excellent credit score. Lenders will always have a range of credit scores they find acceptable for the different loans and financing offers they provide.

What Credit Score Do I Need for a Mortgage?

Since the credit crunch of the mid to late 2000s, credit and lending companies have become stricter in doling out loans. This is due in part to the decline of the American economy brought about by careless loan approvals and irresponsible loan borrowers.

What Is The Minimum Credit Score for an FHA Loan?

Contrary to what was normally believed, there has always been no minimum credit score for an FHA loan. That was the case until the recent news that sent a shock among mortgage loan borrowers.

Can I Refinance My Mortgage With Bad Credit?

If you think your credit score – a simple three digit number – is harmless, well, think again. Credit scores when properly maintained will promise to be your best friend. It guarantees you an easy approval for any mortgage loan and it offers the best interest rates you can have when you borrow money.

What is the Minimum Credit Score for an Auto Loan?

Despite the fact that the economy is slowly recovering from the recent recession that was brought about by bad credit decisions, the credit requirements for most loans still remain tight. This means it will be very difficult to find car loans, let alone those with favorable interest rates if your credit score is below average.

What Does a Credit Score Reveal About Your Potential Partner’s Character and Spending Habits?

Knowing your partner’s credit score will tell you a lot about their character and spending habits. Before you invest time, emotions and money into a relationship, read below to find out What a Credit Score Reveals About Your Potential Partner.

Newest Answers

Why Good Credit Matters Even More Today

There was a time when a person’s word was his credit. Friends, stores and even banks lent money just because someone said they could repay it. Those times have changed, and credit has become a staple in society. However, having good credit may be even more important today and for the future. Credit is Everywhere. Continue Reading »

Do You Need a Credit Card?

You may be one of those people who like to pay for everything with cash. Or you may have gotten burned by credit in the past when you became overwhelmed by debt or lost your job. For whatever, reason, cash is still king in your mind. However, you may wonder if you might need a. Continue Reading »

Should You Consider Buying a Home in 2018?

You may have heard that interest rates on home loans are still affordable. If it’s your dream to buy a home, you may think that now is the time. However, you have a lot to consider before you answer that question. Look at Your Credit Your first step is to look at your credit. If. Continue Reading »

Tips for First-time Borrowers

If you’re looking to borrow money for something, you need to be aware of what it means to take on a loan. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a car loan or a personal loan, you should be prepared. Will You Qualify? Every time you apply for a loan, the lender will check your credit report.. Continue Reading »

Compare Credit Monitoring Sites

Credit monitoring sites can help you keep track of what’s going on with your credit and alert you to potential identity theft. There are free sites and those that require a subscription. All are not created equal, so here is a breakdown of some of the most popular. Identity Guard This site is comprehensive and. Continue Reading »

Cash Back Credit Cards

It’s always great to get paid for spending money. That’s what happens when you have a cash back rewards credit card. You get money back for what you spend when you use your card. Some cards have restrictions about the limit or the type of purchases while others allow you to receive cash back on. Continue Reading »

What Happens to Your Credit Report When You Die

You may wonder what happens to a person’s credit report when they die. Does it die with them? Well, not exactly. It remains open until the credit bureaus are notified of the death of the consumer. You must notify all creditors of the person’s death or they will mark any non-payment as late payments. Money. Continue Reading »

Tips to Help You Earn More Cash Back with Your Credit Card

If you have a cash-back rewards card, you probably love the feature. It’s always great to get money back from making purchases with your card. However, you may not be earning as much as you’re entitled to. Here are a few tips to help you earn even more. Use Your Card Don’t use your card. Continue Reading »

Credit Score Simulators – the Pros and the Cons

You may not want to pay for your credit score or have a credit card which offers your credit score as a feature of its service. Credit score simulators will often provide a general idea of where your credit score stands. They are also a way to figure out how to improve your score, but. Continue Reading »

Top Credit Cards for People with No Credit

If you don’t have a credit history, it can be tough to get approved for credit. No one wants to take the risk on someone with no proven background. However, there are some credit cards available to help you get started. Make sure you only apply to credit card offers where you’re likely to be. Continue Reading »

Installment Loans, Payday Loans and Personal Loans

You can find a variety of loan options available if you’re in the need of money. You’ll see sites promoting installment loans, payday loans or personal loans for people with all types of credit. With so many terms floating around, you may wonder if they are all the same thing or what the difference is.. Continue Reading »

Families and Credit Scores

Finances can be tough on families. With more people involved, there are more expenses and more unplanned costs. It can be hard to build a positive credit history or to maintain one. Little Johnny gets sick and you have to pay a doctor bill instead of the credit card payment for the month. Or your. Continue Reading »

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There is a very strong correlation between credit score ratings and personality traits

Old debt is going to continue hanging over your head.

No matter how responsible you are with your money, a simple mistake can hurt your credit score.

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Who We Are is dedicated to providing intelligent answers to credit related questions commonly asked by consumers. If you are searching for an answer to a specific credit score related question, type your question into the search box at the top of this page and browse through all the credit score articles related to your query.

Whether you are saving up to purchase your first home or are in urgent need of being approved for a line of credit, your credit score will be one of the largest factors that lenders will consider when they are deciding whether or not to approve you for financing.

Take some time to understand what the minimum credit requirements are ahead of time and avoid an inconvenient and embarrassing lending experience. The earlier this is identified, the more time you have to ensure your credit score is exactly where you need to be.

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