Oct 12 2017

6, 930 Masters in Engineering – Technology, automotive engineering degrees.#Automotive #engineering #degrees


Masters in Engineering Technology

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When you’re an engineer, you are part math wizard, part artist, and part scientist: you’re practically a unicorn. Engineering Technology broadly deals with the maintenance and design of new devices, tools, and information systems, that society uses on a daily basis.

When you pursue a Master’s or a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology, you’re brought into the cutting-edge of innovative development, enabling you to shape the future of technology, industrial design, and applied sciences. Engineers require plenty of ingenuity and critical thinking skills, that allow them to contribute to the next industrial revolution.

Engineering Technology contains a variety of sub-fields, including:

Students who graduate with degrees in Engineering Technology enter into the following careers:

• Aerospace Engineering (“rocket science”)

Automotive engineering degrees

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Suggested Masters in Engineering Technology

Learn to create effective technology-based courses and instructional programs for a variety of environments, including higher education; community college education; corporate and nonprofit workforce development; and healthcare, military, and government education.

Automotive engineering degrees

The construction industry is calling out for qualified project managers to spearhead their future developments. The Construction Project Management programme is offered by the Nottingham Trent University Online.

Automotive engineering degrees

The Information Security and Biometrics (PDip, MSc) from the University of Kent offers an advanced level of learning and provides you with a detailed understanding of the theories, concepts and techniques in the design, development and effective use of secure information systems.

Automotive engineering degrees

The technology that powers them is developing faster than ever. Do you want to be a part of these dynamic developments and kick start your career in specialized automotive techology? Sign up and become the next Master of Automotive Systems at HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Automotive engineering degrees

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