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Aug 3 2019

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Paddle Creek Retrievers

Chad Baker 535 Paddle Creek Rd Bristol, TN 37620 Cell: 423-791-0353

2012 NAFC Paddle Creek’s Pack Your Grip “Traveller”

2012 National Amateur Field Champion – Qualified for 4 Nationals

Sire: 2011 NAFC FC Cody Cut A Lean Grade


( 2011 NAFC, 83.5 All Age Points,

2008 High Point Open Dog )

Dam: Candlewood’s High Dollar Diva

10 /5/2007

LR-184090G24M-VPI (Good)

Trav was pick of the litter out of Grady’s first breeding. Trav was a lot like his daddy; we had him running long marks and simple pattern blinds out to 200 yards by the time he was 4 months old. We saw he had the ability to be a pin point marker at a very early age. He earned the right to go to Jim Van Engen’s Right Start Kennels for his basics. At around 14 months he moved over to Handjem Retrievers where Mike Lardy, Pat Burns, and Ray Voigt transformed all that raw talent into a great competitor. Trav was qualified All-Age at 17 months and earned 19 Derby points running very few trials. He jammed an Amateur at 26 months and won a 100 dog Open as a 3 year old.

Trav is an extremely high drive dog but at the same time very controllable. He is the total athlete – quick like a cat with speed and heart. He hits cover by going over, under, or right through it without regard to bodily injury. He has great long initial lines on blinds and his water blinds are phenomenal! His drive has made me be on my game as a handler because there is little room to make any mistakes. He has his daddy’s heart, he tries everything I put in front of him and is always ready for more. Trav has all of the qualities you could ever ask for in a retriever!

Trav was raised in the home and is great in the house and with the kids.

Highlights of Trav’s Accomplishments:

19 Derby Points with limited trialing

Qualified All Age at 17 months old

JAM’d an Amateur at 26 months old

Won a 100 dog Open at 3 years old

Qualified for the 2012 and 2013 National Amateur

Qualified for the 2012 National Open

Qualified for the 2012 Canadian National Amateur

Qualified for the 2012 Canadian National Open

2012 National Amateur Winner at 4 years of age

Trav has an amazing pedigree with many NFC and NAFC titles! He has 11 ancestors in his 6 generation pedigree who have been inducted into the Retriever Field Trial Hall of Fame. Listed are Hall of Famers in Trav’s 6 generation pedigree (dad’s side only):

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