Nov 19 2016

5 Tips to Remember When Choosing Truck Rental Service #holiday #rentals #portugal

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5 Tips to Remember When Choosing Truck Rental Service

With the truck rental business booming today, consumers have the power to choose from a multitude of truck rental companies and also compare their services and costs. Call it a hunch or a force of habit but most people pick the truck rental service with the lowest price, however, always be sure to take into account the service and dependability. A decision to save some money and go for a cheaper service may wind up costing you in the end.

Here are a few tips for choosing a truck rental service to meet your requirements and budget.

1. Ask People You Trust

The ideal thing is to contact people you trust and ask them about any recommendations that they may have regarding a truck rental service. This will help you narrow down your choice as companies with a bad reputation almost never get any recommendations.

2. Do Your Research

It takes only a few clicks to do some research and get the information you require by going online. Check for reviews of truck rental services operating in or around your area.

3. Evaluate the Space Required for Transporting Your Belongings

Most truck hire services give the information regarding the sizes of their trucks to give consumers an idea of what size they want their truck to be. Besides the cubic feet measurement, the rental services help movers to figure out their requirements by applying real-life numbers to their trucks. For instance a 20-cubic-foot truck has the capacity to hold approximately three rooms of furniture. This would help you choose the right size of the truck for moving your luggage.

4. Call the Truck Rental Services

Picking up your phone and calling the truck rental companies is the oldest and perhaps still the best option to get the exact information that you require. It will also help you better understand how they treat potential customers. A reputable rental service will provide the information you need without any hesitation.

5. You Should Get a Binding Quote

Always request your provider for a binding quote. It legally binds the truck rental services to the price that was offered to you and prevents them from increasing it later on. A reputable rental service should not have any problems with your request. Such a quote would also give you the peace of mind regarding your rental costs before signing the contract.

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