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Sep 1 2019

Cheap Insurance Illinois, cheapest car insurance in illinois.

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Insurance Facts

The number of choices for cheap insurance Illinois residents have available goes a long way to keeping the average price low. There are approximate 10.4 million vehicles registered in the state of Illinois, with an average car insurance premium of $1,370/year (as of December, 2013). That s pretty good compared to the national average, due in part to.

The Insurance Research Council has found that as many as 15% of Illinois drivers have failed to carry car insurance in recent years. Failure to present proof of insurance while driving results in immediate license plate suspension and a minimum fine of $500.

In 2012, the state of Illinois launched a statewide program to decrease the number of motor vehicle thefts. It focuses on law enforcement infrastructure, data collection, and training programs to help police identify and recover stolen vehicles.

State Car Insurance Requirements

  • Illinois’ mandatory minimum coverage for bodily injury or death of one person in an accident is $20,000.
  • Illinois’ mandatory minimum coverage for bodily injury or death of more than one person in an accident is $40,000.
  • Illinois’ mandatory minimum coverage for damage to property of another person is $15,000.

Did you know?

  • Illinois is home to the world’s largest library – the Chicago Public Library, which boasts a collection of more than 2 million books.
  • The world s first skyscraper, the Home Insurance Buidling, was built in Chicago in 1884.
  • The state of Illinois is one of the nation s leading manufacturers.

Helpful Resources

DMV website

The Illinois Secretary of the State’s Driver Services Office handles most vehicle-related issues. Their website may be found here.

DUI Information

In 2012, there were 4,192 DUI arrests (according to the Century Council) which is far lower than many states. However, there were 321 drunk driving fatalities which represented 34% of all traffic deaths at a 15% increase from the previous year (data taken from the MADD website). This cost the taxpayers $1.67 billion.

The upside to those statistics is that they represent a 22% decrease from years prior to 2009 when a state-wide law went into effect requiring ignition interlock devices for any drivers convicted of a DUI offense.

Possible penalties for first offenses can include up to 1 year of jail time, a fine of up to $2,500, and a 1 year license suspension.

Registration Information

Vehicle registrations are processed through the Illinois Secretary of the State’s Office. Branch offices are located around the state and may be searched by zip code here.

The Bottom Line

Illinois rates as a much safer state than many as far as traffic goes. DUI rates are lower (10% of the Florida rate, for instance). Insurance costs are still higher than average, due in part to the state s uninsured motorist rates, which are considered one of the biggest factors in insurance costs.

If you are new to Illinois, or have lived there for years, it may be time to take a look at your auto insurance policy. Call us at the number above, or check below for your city s page. We have licensed agents on call who can help guide you through the insurance process, ensuring you are paying the cheapest rates available in Illinois.


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