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Jul 28 2019

#Online travel magazines # #Video

#Online #travel #magazines

#Online travel magazines # #Video, REMMONT.COM

Online travel magazines

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The Culture-ist is an online magazine that covers conscious travel, social good and holistic wellness. We’ll help you discover how you can spend your life traveling, giving back and living well.

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We bring visions to life through evocative storytelling, beautiful imagery and smart marketing campaigns. Our goal is to create long lasting professional relationships with our clients, partnering on projects that positively affect the world.

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Learn more about Humanity Unified Int’l, a nonprofit organization co-founders Maria and Anthony Russo started to end poverty through education, food security projects and economic opportunities.


Alaska: The Failure of Words is the Beginning of Truth

By : Angela Noel Lawson Four-hundred-year-old ice fell into the sea. A crack like thunder preceded the calving. Then shards of ice cascaded down the face of the glacier and crashed into Disenchantment Bay, Alaska. The largest calving glacier in North America, Hubbard is advancing into the ocean. This slow march into the water didn’t…

Saint Louis’s Verve

By: Eva Mulej The city is still flickering from the day’s heat when we finally manage to escape from the verve of Saint Louis, a city on the northwest coast of Senegal. It stretches from the mainland, over the Feidherbe Bridge, to the small island with beautiful colonial architecture and ends at the narrow peninsula…

What Travel Can Teach Us About Minimalism

By : Ashley Mingesz While basking in warm December sun at the top of a pyramid in Uxmal, Mexico, I mused at a familiar feeling I have every time I find myself in a beautiful new place. I’m amazed by how few material possessions I require to be fulfilled when they aren’t available to me….

Fact: We Find What We’re Looking For

By : Angela Noel Lawson Vegas reminds me of a little black dress I once owned. The dress served its purpose. Coupled with a pair of very swanky heels, it attracted the attention I craved. Wearing it felt like I’d stepped into a different world, one I wouldn’t inhabit nine-to-five. But one day, when I…

How to Speak Howler: A Trip to the Community Baboon Sanctuary in Belize

By : John Garry When I reached Burrell Boom in the Cayo District of Belize, I thought I’d heard every possible language spoken in Central America. Belizeans flip between English, Creole, Spanish, and dialects of Mayan with minimal effort—an impressive fact for an unenlightened monolingual American like myself. I expected this; I read about it…

How to be a More Mindful Traveler

By : Elisha Donkin I have a confession to make: on more than one occasion on my travels, I have had to stop and think long and hard about where I’ve actually been, and I don’t mean what countries I’ve been, but literally the town I was in yesterday or even that very morning. In…

The Blind Massage: A Twist on The Southeast Asian Spa Experience

By: Alison Spencer Winding through the men’s section, a distinct thwacking sound echoed down the narrow hallway. I’d had massages previously but never heard such noises, clearly made from hard and repeated skin on skin contact. As I neared the ladies’ area, the cacophony of smacks and thumps only grew, reaching its peak as I…

Overcoming Cultural Differences in the Classroom

An excerpt from Given’s memoir, At Home on the Kazakh Steppe, which tells the story of her two years teaching English in the middle of Kazakhstan. By : Janet Givens As I opened my frayed notebook, I saw my list that Gulzhahan and I had been working on over the past six months or so,…

What I Learned About Life (And Myself) from Cycling in Copenhagen

By : Anastasia Matveyeva I like riding a bicycle as much as any other grown up kid. But while living and biking in New York, I was all too familiar with the dangers of commuting on two wheels. To limit my exposure to angry drivers, my destination choices were restricted to parks and waterfront paths….

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