Aug 26 2019

Tenorio national park

Tenorio national park-Tenorio national park
Free detailed printable map of Bijagua and Tenorio national park with Celeste Waterfall featuring hotels, restaurants, bars, parks, reserves, trails and much more.

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Tenorio, Celeste, Bijagua Map

NOTE: In 2017 the park service closed the east entrance and the trail to the hot springs due to overcrowding. Unfortunately there was really never room for more than a dozen people and tour buses with 40 were adding to visitors staying locally. We’re working on an update to the map but the current version still shows the trail.

Choose either a larger jpg image or the more detailed and fully zoomable pdf map by clicking on the thumbnails above

Free printable pocket map of the Bijagua region and the national parks on either side of the valley featuring hotels, resorts and lodges with approximate price ranges for each.

Food and entertainment categories include bakeries, restaurants (with symbols for seafood, pizza, fast food etc), bars, ice cream shops, supermarkets and pulperias.

A second page has a detail map for the village center with necessities like laundries, medical centers, internet access, police stations, ATMs, and banks, an index and a blow-up showing the routes for getting there. Both pages are automatically included in the pdf.

Natural features like streams, rivers, lakes, and peaks plus the most popular tour locations are highlighted. This map includes Miravalles national park and Tenorio national park entrances, parking, trails, natural hot springs, Celeste waterfall and other attractions.

Download for use on your phone or other device when cell signal or wi-fi are not available for live map feeds or print it out, scribble notes on it and keep it in your pocket. We do not sell advertising or charge lodges, restaurants, tours and other businesses a fee to be included on any map. If you’re looking for a real map instead of a page of coupons and marketing material this is it.

Waterproof Costa Rica Travel Map

Full color, 39″ x 26″ and includes all the downloadable maps plus several other detail maps* Shows national parks, wildlife refuges, beaches, drive distances and drive time calculator. It even includes a few handy Spanish translations for navigational phrases if you need to ask directions. Updated for 2015.

*The full central valley enlargement from the airport to San José (including details of the cities of Alajuela, Heredia, Escazú and San José) is not available for download (it’s too large to print at home at a readable scale) and only included on the waterproof map.

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