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Jul 26 2019

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career path quiz

Career path quiz

Are You Ready for PR or Marketing?

Think you’ve got what it takes to make it in the exciting world of PR/marketing? We’ve worked with the PR/marketing experts at The Creative Career to de.

Career path quiz

Who Are You on Project Runway?

Even if you can’t sew a button on a shirt you’ve probably fantasized about being in on Project Runway. So if you made it to Parsons, would you make it work or get auf-ed? Find out!

Career path quiz

How Well Do You Know Your Kitchen Slang?

Whether you’re already working in a restaurant or just curious, you’ve got to know what the staff is saying. Find out if you’re a shivering kitchen intern or the crustiest veteran chef around!

Career path quiz

How Can You Simplify Your Life?

Between work, friends, and loved ones, you’ve got a lot going on in your life. Want to make things a little easier on yourself? See how you can cut down on tasks and have more time for you!

Career path quiz

What’s Your Perfect Excuse?

So you really, really need a day off? Can’t bring yourself to be honest about it to your boss? Find out the perfect excuse you need to get yourself out of anything!

Career path quiz

The Classic IQ Test

You know you’re smart but just how smart? TestQ’s free online Classic IQ Test is a scientifically accurate IQ test created by PhDs. Previously offered only to corporations.

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