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Indiana University Bloomington Indiana University Bloomington IU Bloomington

Indiana University

The Department of Second Language Studies

Intensive English Program (IEP)

The Intensive English Program (IEP) at Indiana University (IU) Bloomington offers a comprehensive set of courses aimed mainly at preparing international students to study in English at the university level.

The mission of the Intensive English Program is to serve learners of English by offering courses designed to support development of English language skills for academic studies in North American universities. As part of the Department of Second Language Studies, the IEP also contributes to the development of ESL professionals, encourages curricular innovation, and supports the research mission of the department. In these ways the IEP contributes to the broader mission of Indiana University in fostering a community of global citizens.

The instructional program of the Intensive English Program (IEP) at Indiana University is designed to help non-native English speakers increase their English language skills. Most IEP students are preparing to enter North American universities after completing the IEP program. Others are learning English for professional purposes. The curriculum is designed for students at all levels of English language proficiency, with an emphasis on developing the necessary oral and written skills for academic studies and business or professional communication.

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Program Highlights

  • Small class sizes
  • Experienced and trained teachers
  • Seven levels of instruction
  • Core classes AND Electives
  • TOEFL preparation
  • Professional Preparation
  • Legal English
  • MBA Preparatory Course
  • Computer-assisted instruction
  • 20-24 hours of class weekly
  • Access to extensive computing and library facilities
  • Computer skill workshops
  • Academic advising
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Business English

Session Dates

1 Note: Summer sessions are 6-week sessions.

Intensive English Program
Morrison Hall 215
1165 E 3rd St.
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405-7005

Placement Test

The IEP placement test determines the proper level of instruction. During the first week of class, instructors carefully review the studentsperformance and make appropriate adjustments in the placement if approved. These procedures ensure that students get full benefit from the program as they progress through the levels.

Levels of IEP

There are seven levels in the IEP. All levels meet for 20-25 classroom hours each week. After completing Level 6 or 7, most students are ready to begin academic work at a college or a university.

Levels 1-3 Beginning through low intermediate students take classes with specific attention to oral communication, reading and writing, as well as some direct attention to grammar, using a wide range of resources.

Level 4 Intermediate students take classes that emphasize academic preparation in a combined reading/writing course, an oral communication course, and a grammar course. In addition, Level 4 students take a class in extensive reading.

Levels 5-6 High intermediate students attend a required core set of classes which are a reading-writing course, an oral communication course, and a grammar course. Students in Level 6 can choose an optional skill-based or content-based elective class.

Level 7 Advanced students attend a required core reading-writing course and then choose two or three additional skill or content elective courses. This level is designed to be repeated by students who are advanced but require further language study for their intended majors. Topics are changed every session.

Elective Course Examples


  • Advanced Grammar
  • Advanced Pronunciation
  • Advanced Research Writing
  • TOEFL Preparation


  • American Film topics
  • Current Events
  • Pre-history of Indiana
  • Food History & Culture


Students are expected to attend classes daily to facilitate steady improvement in their language skills and maintain their legal immigration status in the U.S.

Because absence from class may slow down this process, any student missing the maximum number of allowed absences according to the Attendance Policy will be dismissed from the program, and the sponsor, if applicable, will be notified. The student will be unable to remain in University housing.

Individualized counseling with the student is arranged to address attendance problems.

End of Session Evaluation

The Level Achievement Examination and the Institutional TOEFL are given to each student at the end of each session to evaluate progress of each student in the program. Student achievement in course work and on tests is recorded on an official evaluation form. The program sends this form, which documents all session results and teacher assessments, to students and their sponsors.


Students leaving the program are awarded a Certificate of Participation.

Special Courses

The IEP regularly offers special courses for groups of students with particular needs or interests. Some of these are offered on a regular basis, such as Legal English during the summer, and some are offered by special arrangement at different times during the year. If you are interested in a special arrangement for a group of students, please contact the Director of Budget and Administration, Michelle Fleener.

This program of language and academic study is designed as a study-abroad option for international students enrolled at foreign institutions of higher learning. It offers such students a unique opportunity to develop English language skills that allow them to do coursework in the College of Arts + Science in various thematic concentrations capable of enhancing a wide range of degrees.”

  • 10 – 15 month program of study, depending on proficiency.
  • 15-16 credit hours of coursework in a thematic concentration in the College of Arts + Sciences.
  • Letter of Completion, recognizing a thematic concentration with credit hours and passing grades.

Program Details

  1. Spring and Summer
    • Intensive English Program (IEP): Academic preparation
    • TOEFL iBT of 79 or equivalent to joing the College of Arts + Sciences full time.
  2. Fall
    • Depending on Proficiency:
    • i.)Language + Academics: Choice of SLST-T135 American Experience or SLST-T125 U.S. Academic Culture and one course in Thematic Concentration (selected with permission of instructor.)
    • ii.) iBT of 79 : 4 – 5 classes in your chosen Thematic Concentration.
  3. Spring
    • Academics with iBT of 79 or equivalent: 4-5 classes in your chosen Thematic Concentration.

Thematic Concentrations

American Studies pursues the study of American cultures from an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing on a wide range of resources from the social sciences and humanities.

Gender Studies offers interdisciplinary courses that explore the making and meaning of gender across cultures and social formations. Courses may examine the intersections between gender and systemic forms of oppression and/or difference, including those based on race, ethnicity, class, and sexual identity.

Communication and Public Advocacy is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop the skills required to express and argue for their ideas in various public settings. Students will improve their ability to respond persuasively, through practice in analyzing the ideas and arguments of others.

Leaders and Leadership prepares students for leadership roles, exposing them to theories of leadership and the traits and practices of leaders. Students will develop an understanding of the dynamics of effective leadership and the diversity of leadership roles.

This course is designed primarily for international students admitted to Master’s of Laws Degree in the Indiana University Maurer School of Law. It offers incoming international students a unique opportunity to develop English language proficiency specifically for work and study in the legal profession.

  • Seven-week course of study. (Session dates are the same as listed for Summer 2 as listed in Introduction section.)
    • Five weeks of intensive in-class work
    • Two weeks sheltered course in the Indiana University Maurer School of Law
  • Faculty with extensive ESL teaching experience in the US and abroad AND training in legal studies at Indiana University

Requirements for Participation

Prospective students must meet the following requirements for participation in the Legal English course:

  1. Admission to the Indiana University Maurer School of Law or another American law school
  2. Recommended TOEFL scores
    • IbT: 61 or more
    • CbT: 173 or more
    • PbT: 500 or more

Course of Study

The Legal English Course at the Intensive English Program will enable international LL.M students to participate more efficiently at the Indiana University School of Law, and increase their chances of succeeding in a competitive legal environment. The skills they will acquire are as follows:

  • Background of the Legal System, the U.S. Constitution, and Landmark Cases
  • Legal Reading and Analysis, Legal Writing and Structure
  • The Vocabulary of the Law and English Grammar
  • Discussion of Legal Issues and Socratic Method Practice
  • Classroom Interaction and Study Skills
  • Discussion of Cross-Cultural Issues and Skills Practice
  • Critical Thinking and Listening Training

Extra-curricular Activities

The Legal English Course offers several fieldtrips and activities to the students participating. These are unique opportunities to visit law-oriented organizations and institutions, such as the following examples:

  • The Monroe County Court at the Judicial Building
  • The historic Monroe County Courthouse
  • Indiana Legal Services, a non-profit legal aid organization
  • The United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana, and the Federal Building in Indianapolis
  • In-class lectures by IU School of Law Professors
  • Legal English Course social events

Application Process

After admission to the Maurer LLM Program, complete the enrollment form.

This course is designed exclusively for admitted Master’s degree students in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. The purpose of the course is to help second language graduate students to sharpen language skills and improve reading, writing, and comprehension skills necessary to succeed in the Kelley School of Business.

  • Six-week course of study
  • 4 hours of class 5 days a week
  • Content and skill-based courses
  • Faculty with extensive ESL teaching experience in the US and abroad AND in Business English

Course of Study

  • Understand and learn to effectively use business terms in English
  • Become more familiar with using English language skills in the MBA classroom setting
  • Learn how to frame and ask questions in English in MBA classes
  • Improve their English language skills for socializing and networking
  • Practice using English in academic discussions and group work
  • Prepare for making presentations in English

Extra-curricular Activities

The Business English Course offers several fieldtrips and activities to the students participating. These are unique opportunities to visit business organizations and professionals such as the following:

Requirements for Participation

Prospective participants must be admitted into the Kelley School of Business MBA program.

Application Process

After admission to the Kelley MBA Program, complete the enrollment form.

Please note that once a student registers with the IEP Office, all program fees are non-refundable.

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