Aug 23 2019

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All In America: Chicago

All In spent the year of 2017 trying to understand the very real crisis of violence in Chicago. read more

Can desalination solve California’s water problems?

Chris Hayes visits a new plant in San Diego County that removes salt from seawater, and will be the largest of its kind in the country when it comes online this fall. watch

California’s largest lake on the brink of environmental disaster

Once a bustling tourist destination attracting more visitors than Yosemite, the Salton Sea is now fighting for survival. watch

Who decides how to distribute water during a drought?

Chris Hayes talks to Frances Spivy-Weber, Vice Chair of the California State Water Resources Control Board, about who gets what during a water shortage. watch

The political battle over water in California

Chris Hayes talks to Steve Fleischli, Director of the Water Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, about competing interests in how water is used in California’s central valley. watch

California braces for a historic fire season

Chris Hayes talks to San Diego Fire-Rescue’s Chris Heiser about how the department is preparing for the worst, four years into the state’s drought. watch

LA Mayor Garcetti on adapting to historic drought

Chris Hayes talks with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti about the water efficiency and conservation measures adopted by his city in response to California’s historic drought. watch

Farming through a drought

Chris Hayes travels to one of the most productive patches of agriculture in the world – California’s Central Valley – and talks with farmer Joe Del Bosque about farming in the midst of a drought. watch

Conundrums of the California drought

Chris Hayes talks to former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa about one of California’s driest years on record. watch

Behind the scenes: ‘All In America’ in North and South Dakota

On “All In America,” we’ve traveled to more than a dozen states this summer to bring you the stories you won’t see anywhere else. But one in particular — the Oct. 9th package on alternative energy — was born out of a road trip unlike any other. Our mission: Follow a wind turbine blade from factory to farm, across the North. read more

Has an era of ‘clean coal’ begun?

Mississippi’s Kemper County energy facility is supposed to be the symbol for a clean coal future. All In got an inside look. watch

Learn more: What the heck is clean coal?

On Wednesday, October 8th, All In America: Coal Country goes travels to Kentucky and Mississippi to answer a prevalent question: What is clean coal? read more

Learn more: Politics of coal

On Monday, October 6th, All In America: Coal Country jumps into the politics of coal. In Kentucky, coal is a central point of contention in the senate race between Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and politics newcomer, Alison Lundergan Grimes. Here’s where coal and the politicians stand on coal: read more

Learn more: The future of alternative energy

Learn more about the future of alternative energy ahead of “All In America: Coal Country,” airing Thursday, Oct. 9. read more

Learn more: Coal and tobacco

On Tuesday, October 7th, All In America: Coal Country explores the link between coal and tobacco: Two powerful and profitable industries that fight regulation and are linked to health problems. read more

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