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Best Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Arizona, Auto Insurance Center, cheap insurance in arizona.

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Best Cheap Auto Insurance in Arizona

  • Drivers must have $15,000 of bodily injury insurance.
  • Drivers must also have $30,000 of total bodily injury coverage (for passengers in the car).
  • Arizona drivers must have $10,000 of property damage insurance.

Factors that Determine Insurance Premiums

  • Driving record, including the number and circumstances of any auto accidents
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Make of car
  • Occupation
  • Credit Score
  • Number of miles normally driven

If this seems subjective, it’s because it is. Insurance providers study the demographics of the types of drivers they insure and provide insurance accordingly.

Insurance is Mandatory

People who live in Arizona and drive must obtain liability insurance through an Arizona insurance company. Penalties for driving without insurance include the suspension of that person’s driver’s license and vehicle registration. After the suspension period has passed, that person must prove financial responsibility to have his or her license and registration re-instated.

Other Regulations

  • When registering a car in Arizona, a driver must provide the minimum insurance coverage required by law immediately. In fact, the car should not be driven until auto insurance is obtained.
  • Anyone convicted of driving on a suspended license, reckless driving or a DUI will be required to provide the DMV with an SR-22 form. When a driver purchases auto insurance, the insurance agent fills out the SR-22 on his or her behalf and files it with the DMV. Remember, an SR-22 is not an insurance policy. It is proof of insurance.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Arizona

Phoenix Auto Insurance

Phoenix is the capital of and largest city in Arizona. The area is known as the Valley of the Sun. The invention of air conditioning was key to the city s growth.

The city has numerous performing arts venues, including The Phoenix Symphony Hall, which is home to the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, the Arizona Opera and Ballet Arizona. Museums include the Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona Capitol Museum and the Pueblo Grande Museum and Cultural Park. One of the biggest tourist attractions in Phoenix is golf, with more than 200 golf courses.

Tucson Auto Insurance

Tucson is home to the University of Arizona. It is the second largest city in Arizona and is located in the southern part of the state. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is a major employer.

The Tucson Gem Mineral Show is one of the largest such shows in the world. Other annual events include the Tucson Festival of Books and the Tucson Folk Festival. The Tucson Rodeo brings many visitors to the city each year.

Mesa Auto Insurance

Mesa is a suburb of Phoenix. It is the third largest city in the state. Mesa is home to the Polytechnic campus of Arizona State University.

Sports fans visit HoHoKam Park of the Cactus League, which is the home of the Oakland Athletics during spring training. Cultural attractions include the Mesa Arts Center, the Mesa Historical Museum and the Arizona Museum for Youth. The city also has archeological sites such as the Mesa Grande Ruins.

Chandler Auto Insurance

Chandler is a suburb of Phoenix. It is bordered by Tempe and Mesa. Recent economic growth was fueled by the establishment of manufacturing plants for communications and computing firms such as Microchip, Motorola and Intel.

The city is known for its annual Ostrich Festival, which honors the ostrich farms that helped the city s early economic growth. The Arizona Railway Museum and the Chandler Center for the Arts draw visitors. The Historic McCullough-Price House, a 1938 Pueblo Revival-style home, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Glendale Auto Insurance

Glendale is a suburb of Phoenix. Early growth was fueled by the construction of a canal. Construction of the Beet Sugar Factory also attracted immigrants to the city.

Glendale bills itself as Arizona s Antique Capital. Annual events include the Glendale Chocolate Festival, the Glendale Folk Heritage Festival and the Glendale Jazz and Blues Festival. Tourists may also visit the Historic Manistee Ranch and the Historic Sahuaro Ranch.

Scottsdale Auto Insurance

Scottsdale is a suburb of Phoenix. It was incorporated in 1951. The tourism industry is the city s primary employer.

Scottsdale is ranked as one of the premier golf and resort destinations in the world and is home to the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament. The city also hosts the annual Barrett-Jackson car show. Scottsdale has a large number of destination spas and world-class resorts.

Gilbert Auto Insurance

Gilbert is part of the Phoenix metropolitan area. The top industries are education and health care. The city is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the country.

There are various properties in the town of Gilbert that are on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors may go shopping at the SanTan Village lifestyle center. Liberty Market is another popular destination in Gilbert.

Tempe Auto Insurance

Tempe is in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The city is named after the Vale of Tempe in Greece. Tempe is perhaps best known as being home to Arizona State University.

Mill Avenue is a shopping and entertainment area in the city popular with pedestrians and students. Tempe is the spring training host city of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Visitors can participate in outdoor activities at Tempe Town Lake.

Peoria Auto Insurance

Peoria is a major suburb of Phoenix and gets its name from Peoria, Illinois. The city was settled by farmers who relocated from the Midwest.

Peoria is the spring training home of the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners. The Peoria Center for the Performing Arts is the site of various performances. Outdoor activities can be found at Rio Vista Community Park and Lake Pleasant Regional Park.

Surprise Auto Insurance

Surprise is near Phoenix. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Arizona and has many retirement communities. The city was founded in 1938 by Flora Mae Statler, who named it Surprise because she would be surprised if the town ever amounted to much.

Visitors come to the city to shop at Prasada, one of the largest regional malls in the state. The city is the spring training home of the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Rangers baseball teams. Surprise is also home to the Surprise Tennis and Racquet Complex, which hosts various professional events throughout the year.

Insurance Fraud in Arizona

Insurance fraud in the state of Arizona is big business. In fact, according to the Arizona Department of Insurance, 30 percent of all insurance claims for bodily injury are fraudulent. This ends up being passed on to the consumer in annual premiums that are roughly $200 higher.

Alcohol-Related Crashes

Another point of concern to both consumers and the companies that insure them is the number of alcohol-related accidents each year. Of particular concern is how young some of the drivers tend to be. While children under the age of 15 make up .13 percent of the all the alcohol-related crashes, it is difficult to envision a 7-year-old driving under the influence of alcohol. But, according to the Arizona Crash Facts Summary, it happens. In 2015, the largest grouping of alcohol-related accidents occurs in the 25- through 34-year-old age group who have 30 percent of all Arizona alcohol-related accidents. Surprisingly, most alcohol-related accidents occur when road conditions are dry.

Unusual Arizona Traffic Laws

It’s against the law to drive a car in reverse on a public road.

The ” Stupid Motorist Law ” (that’s what it’s called) states that any motorist who becomes stranded after driving around barricades to enter a flooded stretch of roadway may be charged for the cost of any rescue.

Horse Traffic?

Since many Prescott, Arizona residents enjoy horseback riding, there are plenty of unique traffic laws supporting equine transportation. Did you know that one such law declares that anyone riding a horse up the stairs of a county courthouse will be arrested on the spot?

Auto Insurance Center Methodology

Auto insurance quotes are for a hypothetical driver who has state minimum coverage with $500 deductibles for one vehicle. The driver is male or female, 35 years old, has good credit, a college degree, and is employed with a clean driving record, no lapse in coverage, or claims. The vehicles are driven 16,000 miles per year for commuting and are garaged on premises. The auto quotes include common discounts and are estimates, but not guaranteed.


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