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Aug 28 2019

About Medical Billing, courses for medical billing and coding.

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About Medical Billing Course

Our Medical Billing Course was initially developed in 1999 and was the first Medical Billing Course offered online to the public in 2001.

Since day one, Medical Billing Course has provided its students with the ability to take what they have learned and apply it in a live medical billing software program, performing the day-to-day operations of an actual medical biller. Still, to this day, no other course provides this type of instruction.

We have had many students come to our course after first signing up for a Medical Billing/Coding Course which left them confused, not understanding the material, and not clear about how to proceed. The price tag on these courses are usually in the thousands and offered by what is known as “Educational Clearinghouses” or “Diploma Mills.” You’ve seen them advertised on TV.

Courses for medical billing and coding

The founder and the staff at MBC have a combined 50+ years experience in the field of Medical Billing – and we will be the first to tell you that “Medical Billing” and “Medical Coding” are two separate fields and should never be studied together in one course. Please see our FAQ page for further information about why.

We are also very firm in our belief that, in order to retain what you learn as a Medical Billing Student, it is imperative that you are able to apply your studies in a live medical billing software program, performing the actual daily operations of a medical biller.

CEU’s and Subscriptions: We do not require CEU’s to maintain your certification with us and we do not charge you a monthly subscription fee. This makes absolutely no sense to us. Although Medical Billing Certification is highly recommended and some physicians will require it, it is optional. If you are holding a certification that is not required, why then would you be required to spend additional money to maintain it?

Instead of requiring our graduates to pay more money for CEU’s and/or subscriptions, we provide course updates to our graduates free of charge.

We have a proven track record in assisting thousands of students in pursuing medical billing positions as well as beginning their own medical billing businesses and we look forward to welcoming you as a new student!


Our course was the first available online Medical Billing Course.

For 17 years, our course has been Rated #1 by Industry Leaders Professionals.

The course developer has been in the Medical Billing Field for 23 years.

The course developer has owned/operated a successful Medical Billing Business with 47 clients.

We are the only course who includes a live, medical billing software program.

Students are able to retain the material much easier by applying what they have learned in a real-life software program.

We have assisted hundreds in their desire to perform medical billing from home.

We do not require CEU’s or a monthly subscription in order to maintain your certificate.

Our course is applicable in all 50 states.


Please feel free to chat with a Live Medical Billing Course Representative by using the Chat Box on the bottom right.

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