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Jul 24 2019

Columbus Apartment Association, apartments in columbus ohio.#Apartments #in #columbus #ohio

Apartments in columbus ohio

  • Apartments in columbus ohio
  • Apartments in columbus ohio
  • Apartments in columbus ohio

Welcome to the CAA

The Columbus Apartment Association’s purpose is to provide legislative, education, and networking services for our members who are the companies who own or manage multifamily communities and the companies that service the apartment industry.

The Columbus Apartment Association is recognized as a leading educator for the multifamily industry. We provide comprehensive educational programs for multifamily property owners, property management companies, and those businesses that support them. This section provides a full listing of all upcoming seminars with detailed descriptions and links for seminar registration.

The Columbus Apartment Association provides a unique array of events designed to provide educational opportunities, information gathering, and networking opportunities. This section provides a full listing of all upcoming events with detailed descriptions and links for event registration.

One of the most important benefits of CAA Membership is the frequently updated legislative information for the multifamily industry. Important and timely topics are provided from reliable legislative sources around the country. This section provides detailed descriptions of all current and future legislation which will affect the multifamily housing industry.

Please take advantage of the industry related links we have provided in our “resources” section.

The directory listing of all Columbus Apartment Association Members is provided in this section. Included are Primary Member Listings, Board Member listings, Associate Member and Product & Services listings.

To provide members a forum for online networking and discussions, CAA now offers members a common online space to connect and collaborate with one another. All CAA members are invited to join the CAA Community on the CAA site or on Twitter

We offer a comprehensive inventory of leases, forms, and handbooks; most of which are ready for you to download or order hardcopies online. Each item offers invaluable information for proper leasing, rental agreements, evictions, legal issues, and general notices.

Created by William L. Willis, Attorney, “The Complete Eviction Workshop” is provided courtesy of Willis Law Firm, LLC. This comprehensive workshop provides a good foundation of knowledge in how to deal with any kind of eviction. The entire workshop is provided, except for specific legal forms, in “Adobe Acrobat” for downloading.

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