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Careers Employment at Bojangles

You know, being sassy is a lot like seasoning a dish. If you’ve got the right amount of sassy, it’s endearing. If you have too much, it’s really annoying. There’s something about southern United States culture that brings smile to my face, when it’s done right. I don’t want to hear about confederate flags and honky-tonks, but when I went to the Bojangles website and heard a voice declare, “It’s Bo Time!” I just about lost it. That’s the kind of sassy I like. So, if you know what I’m talking about, check out the online Bojangles application and our in-depth examination of this company.

Before we get any farther, I just want to say that this company is absolutely oozing with culture and sass. As I said before, it’s not too much; in fact, it adds a lot of personality to the whole concept. Not to mention their signature concept of chicken and biscuits, which are absolutely amazing.

A History Overview of Bojangles

Bippity-Boppity-Bojangles! Hm, it sounded better in my head, but they can have that one if that want, I’ve got a bunch more. So, this homegrown company is a Southeastern regional chain of fast food restaurants.

They are located in the heart of the south, smack dab in Charlotte, North Carolina. It all started in 1977 with two men by the names of Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas. As it states on their website, the world was filled with leisure suits, disco balls, and galaxies far, far away. In Charlotte though, they were craving chicken. In 1981, Jack Fulk sold the Bojangles concept to The Horn Hardart Company.

During the time it was owned by this company, the restaurant chain exploded into 335 locations with 100 of them being in the Sunshine State (Florida). The company has since changed hands more times than a casserole recipe that’s been in the family for eight generations. Currently, there are locations in ten states, in addition to the District of Columbia, and three locations in Honduras. The first Kentucky location opened in July of 2014.

That s important because Kentucky is the world capital of fried chicken. That’s a major accomplishment and one that is well deserved.

My little Bojangles is all grown up now. The menu, because you need to know this and because I’m hungry, is composed of a core concept bringing both Cajun style chicken, and buttermilk biscuits together for the greatest combination since peanut butter and jelly.

The company has added some new items over the years, to diversify the menu and appeal to customer interests, but the core concept has never wavered.

Direct Competitors

Fried chicken and biscuits; All you need is some apple pie and a bald eagle and you’ve got yourself a ‘merica moment.

Where else can you find the taste of the greatest country on Earth? Well, Waffle House for starters will offer a similar experience. Why stop there though? Did you know IHOP serves fried chicken and waffles in addition to the best pancakes money can buy? Yeah, check it out.

Bojangles Application Online

Bojangles has a strong focus on building a team of passionate people who are diverse and great at what they do.

On the website, it reads: “Our vision is to create a culture based on trust, effective leadership, and total commitment that is without equal.” Now that’s what I’m talking about, IT’S BO TIME BABY! I’m sorry, but I had to do that at least once in this article, I just had to. I love that slogan (I added the baby on the end for the record). You can see all of this, and hear that awesome slogan at the employment page of the Bojangles website.

There are two types of Bojangles job applications: Crew Member and Management. Oh sorry, I spelled that wrong, I meant: Awesome, and Awesomer. Which one you select will depend on a few things. For starters, you had best be eighteen, because Cajun spices and world class sass are an art, and you need some time on this Earth to master it.

Applying online is easy, once you pick your category, you then select a location close to you by utilizing an interactive map on the website. From there, you’ll select two other locations, in case your first choice isn’t hiring.

The rest of the employment process is completed online through a series of fields and questions that you fill out.

Next, consider your experience. If you’ve worked as a restaurant manager in the past, well, the connection here is obvious.

Even if you haven’t, or if you have a few years of experience and a good track record, you may be able to jump right in as a manager of some sort. If this is your first job, an hourly crew member position is always open to entry-level candidates. Let’s take a look at what each option entails.

Job Categories Descriptions

1. Hourly Crew Member Positions

These positions are described by the company as “opportunities.” They go on to say that “being a team member at Bojangles is more than just a job. It’s an opportunity to meet interesting people, to treat our guests to a great dining experience, and to start an exciting career in the food-service industry.”

Crew members come from all walks of life and with all levels of experience, so don’t be afraid to jump in! What’s more, there are some great benefits for part-time and full-time employees.

Team members at Bojangles and their immediate families can apply to the Jack Fulk scholarship, which provides ten candidates with $1,000 in academic scholarships annually. In addition, crew members are also offered flexible schedules to meet their needs.

2. Management Positions

If you have experience in restaurant management, and you wish to grow even further in your already burgeoning career, Bojangles has an opportunity for you! Keep in mind; this is specifically for those with prior experience.

As a manager here, you’ll be jumping headlong into an already established business, so experience is a must. Ideally, Bojangles is looking for candidates with at least one year of operational experience in the food industry.

Benefits and Final Thoughts

Working with Bojangles can open up your career in a big way. Some benefits are instantly available, while others come with time and promotions.

When you climb into the ranks of management, a wide range of benefits become available to you:

  • Competitive Pay (monthly bonus programs for managers as well)
  • Comprehensive insurance plan, which includes medical, dental and vision
  • Life and short-term disability insurance (at no cost to the employee)
  • Vacation time
  • Training programs
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Scholarship program
  • Employee discounts

I know I said I was only going to do this once, but, well, IT’S BO TIME, BABY! Yeah! I think the employment page of the Bojangles website puts it perfectly when they say, “So if you’re a friendly, enthusiastic person who enjoys preparing and serving great food to guests, Bojangles is the place for you!” What else can I say?

This is a great company with plenty of career opportunities. The food is classic southern and the sass is right on point. I promise I won’t write my version of the slogan in all caps again if you’ll just go online and fill out your Bojangles application.

That’s all I’m asking, nothing too crazy. In the meantime, I’ll keep coming up with new slogans for them. You just focus on making that career the best it can be with the company that can’t be beat.

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