Jan 8 2017

Five Costly Car Dealer Options to Skip #car #body #parts

#cars by dealers # Five Costly Car Dealer Options to Skip Dealer Options are Part of Car Sales Pitch Let’s face it, when you buy a new car. you deal with experienced sales professionals who use a variety of time-tested methods to sell you add-on products and services. With profit margins on new car sales tighter than ever, these adept pitchmen have plenty of incentive to sell us whatever car dealer options they can. Although some of those dealer options. upgrades and extras can be worth the investment by making life with your new car more enjoyable and adding value …

Jan 8 2017

Discount Coupons #city #auto #memphis

#discount auto # Discount Coupons Weekday Discounts The Chicago Auto Show is happy to partner with local organizations to offer Weekday Discount coupons to the 2015 Chicago Auto Show. There are several types of Weekday Discount coupons available. All must be brought to a ticket booth at the Chicago Auto Show to be redeemed for a discount off of a full-price adult admission to the Chicago Auto Show. These discounts are only good on full-price adult admission and can be redeemed on Monday, Feb. 16 through Friday, Feb. 20. Weekday Discount Coupons are NOT VALID on Saturday or Sunday. Blog …