Nov 14 2016

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Best Rewards Credit Cards Offers Online

Follow Our Guide On How to Find the Best Rewards Credit Card for You

Many credit cards are available with special reward programs and if you can find the perfect one for your needs and lifestyle, you can really score. The smartest way to begin your search is with some basic knowledge and an Internet connection.

Don t just look for an amazing rewards card, look for one that is amazing for you personally. Each offer is designed to entice, and if you don t have specific rewards in mind, you could end up joining a program that doesn t really pay off for you. Understand exactly what type of incentives will complement your existing shopping habits and

look for the most from these perks :

  • Enrollment bonus: Instantly gain thousands of points just for signing up.
  • Annual bonus: Often a percentage of the year s bonus points.
  • Redeemable points: Enjoy spending them on food, flights, hotels and more.
  • First three months bonus: Receive mega-points if you spend a minimum amount.
  • Paper-less rewards: Be rewarded for your environmentally friendly habits.

If you typically charge in excess of $1,000 per month, look into how a tiered card could work in your favor. If you normally spend less than that, find a flat percentage cash back deal. Never forget that no matter how appealing any rewards card is, you have to spend money to earn the rewards. Base your prospecting more on how the rewards card will suit your usual buying, rather than how you can adapt your buying to fit the card.

Look online for a rewards card that doesn t impose an annual fee, unless you are in the habit of spending a significant amount of money with your card. In which case, the annual fee may be a good trade-off for the overall rewards you receive. Although most consumers seek out the no-fee options, depending on your circumstances, you could actually come out ahead with one.

Examine the rewards categories closely to determine your likely savings with a card, or to see if a flat percentage across all categories would yield more savings. For example, earning a lot of points or rewards with a specific card may take more time than it s worth for you or be applied to items you wouldn t be excited to buy. On the other hand, saving with a flat percentage in all categories could yield fast and useful rewards.

The best reward cards complement your financial habits, so that you benefit from what you re already doing with your money. Look far and wide for a card that speaks to you personally and makes you a very savvy credit card user.

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