Mar 26 2020

The government of the Russian Federation: today will make all decisions on behalf of the President

The Russian government on March 26 will take all necessary measures in order to implement the proposals of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to combat the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. This was announced at the Cabinet meeting Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.”All decisions necessary to fulfill the President’s instructions, we must accept today,” he said.

Among the priority measures, the Prime Minister called lower premiums for small and medium enterprises, tax deferral for businesses, and a moratorium on the initiation of bankruptcy cases.

“For the period of the moratorium suspends the enforcement proceedings, the accrual of fines and penalties, – said Mishustin. – Also will simplify the settlement for any debts”.

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Also, the Council of the state Duma intends to meet in extra session. On the agenda – amendments to the laws necessary for the implementation of Putin’s orders are to support citizens and businesses in pandemic coronavirus. These proposals the President announced yesterday in an address to the citizens.

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