Mar 26 2020

Putin’s address: three sources, three components

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It is unlikely that the appeal of President Putin to citizens of Russia on the occasion of the epidemic of the coronavirus will be remembered as well as a landmark speech in Munich, which marked the beginning of the end of a unipolar world (with the US still not willing to accept)Meanwhile, from the point of view of Russia’s domestic policy, it also serves as a watershed of eras. The future will never be the same as the past (before treatment).

I will not be boring to list a hundred times already dubbed by journalists the main points of the appeal. They have already analyzed in detail and again detail tell. Rightly point to the importance and timeliness of the measures taken, unfairly criticize, claim payments are low, the benefits are insufficient and got the benefit of not all, while everyone suffers. About “used virus for crackdown” is also necessarily tell.

In General, all as always, when the same people in the same social media message can assert that the virus is invented to deceive (unknown why) the miserable state of mankind (yeah, at the cost of trillions of economic losses), and then resent the fact that the government is “too late closed the border”. And, by the way, writing this is quite normal, sane and even well-educated people, not the schizophrenic, for which the split consciousness of the norm.

From my point of view, in the address there are three things that make it much more important document than just a message about the measures to combat the virus. I must say that the question of postponing the vote on the amendments to the Constitution in not one of them.

First, the government demonstrates complete confidence in their ability to control the situation. A sharp increase in fiscal spending amid global crisis, as well as explicit attempts to contain the spread of infection without radical measures to sanction only if I am sure that enough resources and that if a sudden outbreak occurs, it will be possible to quickly arrest cash.

It particularly looks at the background of selected European countries and Ukraine, where the most severe quarantine measures are imposed on the background of a relatively small number of cases. Power panic there and then, when they know that their resource base is limited and to provide medical care with a sharp increase in the number of cases they simply can not. The confidence allows the authorities to act more confidently, do not hurry with the introduction of more stringent measures, thereby causing minimum damage to the society, which is also less susceptible to panic, seeing the confidence of the authorities and practice sensing their ability to control the situation. This is important not only from the point of view of immediate needs but in the long term. The epidemic will end, and the authority of the government, people’s faith in its ability to adequately resolve any critical situation will remain, which is important for preserving stability in the conditions of permanent information aggression against Russia. The first thing the enemy always tries to excite the distrust of the people in power. If this is successful, the rest — a trick.

Secondly, the Russian government is trying to use lessons learned over the past years, the margin of safety in order to pass along a narrow path between strict quarantine and uncontrolled spread of the virus (as in Italy and the USA). Rigid quarantine for a long time leads to economic collapse. There are companies (mostly small businesses) who will not be able to recover even after two to three weeks of downtime. The longer a rigid quarantine, than the broader sectors of the economy it covers, the more irreparable loss, the harder it is then to recover the entire state.

On the other hand, if the issue under control the situation with the spread of the virus, the negative effect on the economy and society may be even more profound. Thus, the best option is to try to stop the epidemic without strict quarantine measures or to introduce them as late as possible, so that their duration was as little as possible. For this it is necessary to strictly control the situation in order not to miss the moment when the evening is still early, and in the morning it will be too late.

Mentioned in the first paragraph, the confidence of the authorities of the forces just provided this very tight control of the situation. It’s also not only the solution of urgent problems. Someone with less cost will be the epidemic, he will be in a better starting position. Taking into consideration the fact that with a victory over the virus a global systemic crisis is not going anywhere, the question of economic domination, the struggle for markets is far from idle. Who the first will start after the epidemic, will have an advantage in this fight. Moreover, this advantage can become decisive. It performing now will be able to build a wonderful new world to your project.

Thirdly, it is crucial that the opposition already calls a “crackdown under the cover of coronavirus”. Declared by Vladimir Putin in the treatment of the intention to strike at the offshore, where the output from Russia, the money, the businessmen, who even in the last six years of sanctions understood nothing, learned nothing and still hope that the “misunderstanding” will end with the West will be able to make it up and will be back to the usual pre-sanctions just the icing on the cake. Adopted by the Duma laws on struggle against fakes and a General tightening of discipline, as well as the actions of the government, leave no doubt that what is unfolding comprehensive offensive both on a conscious “fifth column”, and “volunteers” from among the “useful idiots”. And it’s not a “crackdown”, which supposedly has always sought Putin, and necessary measure, which the Russian leadership has always sought to avoid.

I had the opportunity in 2014 to write that if the Russian opposition does not understand that the state has entered a special period, and in fact there is a war, only war modern without the bombing, but no less bloody and destructive (recall the consequences of the collapse of the Soviet Union), the state reluctantly, but will be forced to make against her stringent measures. Reluctantly because the public consensus is based on the right to support or not support the current government. But it is necessary to observe certain rules of the game. In particular, lead the political struggle honestly. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the West leads us in an information war with the use of all (including the most unscrupulous) means. The West is at war with us, and in war all means are good. But Russian citizens, even if they are in opposition to the current government, must proceed from the priority of the interests of the state and not its political power.

If the opposition do not understand, therefore, needs to be taken tough measures. And the virus is not to blame. He just catalyze all processes in the world. In times of crisis the government always gets tougher. Yes, and it would be the height of folly to require some tourists are disciplined to go to the isolation after returning from the resort, while allowing the opposition to stir up society create fake reports about thousands of allegedly concealed deaths of alleged mass infection, supposedly empty shelves, etc. Drop a stone, and, as already mentioned, the confidence of the people to the government in times of crisis is a very valuable resource.

So, confidence, measured and weighed the use of radical means, as well as the stiffness against destructive opposition — the three pillars which will keep the Russian domestic policy in the coming years, even when the virus is already forgotten.

Rostislav Ishchenko

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