Mar 26 2020

NATO exercises in the Baltic States have become a laughing stock

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In an international battalion of NATO in Lithuania the focus of coronavirus COVID-19. This news once again raised the question of the feasibility of the pandemic in fact already disrupted teachings Defender of Europe 2020. Each new information on “the largest NATO exercises in Europe” is anecdotal, but the Secretariat of the Alliance and “frontline” countries of Eastern Europe still are going to spend in order to show Russia its determination.

The consequences of the Defender of Europe 2020 for Russia in the result can exceed all expectations: watching for attempts to intimidate, Russia… burst out laughing. The coronavirus identified the four servicemen of the Netherlands, which serve international rotary battalion of NATO in Lithuania. In Rukla Yanovskogo district, where he was stationed ill the Dutch, isolated, all who met with the military. Held total disinfection of premises. Rotary battalion forward deployed in NATO Lithuania has a thousand soldiers. With other such battalions in Latvia, Poland and Estonia — four thousand.

Meanwhile, the authorities in these countries has never officially abandoned plans to bring in the Baltic region 40 thousand troops from all NATO countries to conduct near the Russian border the largest exercises of NATO since the cold war.

Whatever caused panic or pandemic coronavirus rulers of the Baltic countries, they can not admit that their countries and NATO allies could be more important than the “containment” of Russia and the protection of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Therefore, from the obviously absurd idea to hold large-scale military maneuvers in the context of the epidemic did not refuse, but essentially the Defender of Europe 2020 has long been thwarted. And broke them, none of the major overseas ally.

USA in the beginning of the month refused the redeployment of their troops on exercises in Europe. After this doctrine has lost all meaning, because by and large it was an exercise of the United States in Europe. The Pentagon had planned to deploy overseas 20 thousand troops. In conjunction with already existing on the continent, a group of US troops that would provide the most impressive over the decades of military presence of Americans in Europe.

Of course, after the transformation of the Old world into the global epicenter distribution in the fashion industry about the deployment of troops to Europe for all sorts of demonstrations of resolve could not be considered. And Washington the transfer stopped. After this teaching Defender of Europe 2020 was actually broken. However, they are not formally abolished, and from demonstrations of Putin’s determination not abandoned. As a result of “containment” of Russia and its intimidation turned into a circus with horses.

♦ First, followed by the Americans from participating in the exercise began to refuse other major NATO countries. On the exit of Defender of Europe 2020 has announced the Bundeswehr — but Germany was declared by center exercises.

♦ Second, absolutely not understand what to do on the exercise NATO countries, which army is now needed in a completely different purpose. Military in the most distressed areas of Italy and Spain in the watch building field hospitals to deliver humanitarian assistance and, from the song words can not erase, removed the corpses.

What exercises, what is the “containment of Russia”, which the Baltic States? If any of the capitals of Western and southern Europe have not yet announced the release of Defender of Europe 2020, it is likely because at current haste simply do not have time.

♦ Thirdly, it is unclear how to implement the redeployment of troops from some parts of Europe to the other, if across the EU restored the border and entered the quarantine posts. Because of this, Defender of Europe 2020 happen anecdotal stories.

Why are only the actions of Poland, which has blocked the transfer of military equipment and NATO soldiers in Estonia, of which Tallinn official even wrote a complaint to the Warsaw headquarters of the Alliance.

“Experience has shown that if there’s a military crisis, this may mean that States will close their borders… Without a doubt, the current situation when can not move neither military nor civilian transport, from the point of view of security is problematic. So we notice that in Estonia and in the Council of NATO”, — told about the scandal with the Polish Minister of foreign Affairs of Estonia Urmas Reinsalu.

If Poland, the main country of the “Eastern flank” of NATO, vitally interested in the training, to allow such breakdowns, what to speak of others?

High-ranking generals of NATO countries had already discovered in my COVID-19. Only thing missing was news that the outbreak of coronavirus discovered in stationed in the Baltic States international NATO units, in order of these items was a picture of surreal madness, which turned into the teachings of Defender of Europe 2020. And now this news.

If after that the epicenters of infection with coronavirus in Europe to the Baltics will bring together the military on the NATO exercises, could get the same ugly story, as in Ukraine, when local farmers rebelled against the importation into their motels Ukrainians evacuated from China. Broken glass, blocked roads, people’s rallies against the teachings — so the people of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will meet allies who had gathered from all over Europe to protect them from Putin.

Maybe the cunning plan of the leadership of the Alliance that is. Russia will not survive the demonstration determined to intimidate her and “restrain”. Will suffer for a long time and eventually burst.

From the laughter.

Aleksandr Nosovich

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