Mar 26 2020

Forced to change. Taught by the coronavirus

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The dramatic events of the pandemic pointed to critical shortcomings of the neoliberal modelAtheists know medieval Patera, who considered the plague a retribution for the sins of his flock, was in its own right. After all, these social evils existed in fact what knew evil clerics and monks. The plague forced to pay attention to the ugly things that are normally looked away, gradually turning them back to normal. Moreover, the spread of the plague was a result of the current in this era of order and direct retribution for the acts of his contemporaries, the wars of conquest, the greed of the merchants and moneylenders, poverty, living in unsanitary conditions of the people, General backwardness, illiteracy, prejudice and superstition.

Is well aware of the then freethinkers — noting that the plague Torit road long overdue in society change. And indeed, survived the “black death” Europe has changed over time to the ground — including the fact that the epidemic has changed the socio-economic reality undermined the foundations of feudalism, helping the development of new, capitalist relations. And this contributed to the victory of a new, more advanced and progressive system — even if it was not more humane than his predecessor or even surpassed the cruelty and sins of the era of the Dark ages.

Among other things, these changes were driven by the challenge of fighting the disease. It promoted science and medicine, and authorities of urban municipalities took over power from the hands of helpless in the face of infection, Sirs, which increased the role of the representatives of the third estate. Measures against plague have improved urban planning — with the aim of improving the level of sanitation and hygiene, and generally contributed to the growth of rational managerial effectiveness. By the way, this reminds us the word “quarantine,” which appeared in Venice and meant forty-day Parking lot to unload ships arriving there.

Mass depopulation is diluted by the clergy at the expense of yesterday’s commoners, destroyed the hereditary caste of artisans ‘ guilds increased the costs of hired labor, and stimulated mechanization of production and involved with a women — to compensate the missing man’s hands. The Parliament of England passed the “Statute of workers” to limit the claims introduced themselves to the class, the feudal lords fought for the preservation of their privileges. But swept everywhere revolts against taxes and corvee duties allowed commoners to win new rights and freedoms.

And corruption within the Catholic Church — which lead to sins and vices, pushing the flock of their hypocrisy and feigned piety created the ground for the reformation. Moreover, the fear of death flooded Europe in various sects, who build his life according to the literal rules of the Bible canons to be saved, to avoid new penalties from above.

There is no karma, but it works — this principle properly applies during the current epidemic. Reflecting on the results, people are aware of that it has earned sudden troubles — because for too long did not react to the suffering of others, until they suddenly became all common. The policy of double and triple standards, the normalization of the abnormal — unless it involves you personally — which has long been normal for mankind, is bearing fruit. And they are not relished by almost anyone.

It almost always looks bitter regularity, diluted with irony. So, residents of Ukrainian cities are now learning to exist in a state of emergency, which is in its seventh year, the inhabitants live the frontline of Donbas. And Patriotic inhabitants, zloradstvuyuschee about the plight of the “Donetsk”, urging to strengthen the attacks and to tighten the blockade beyond the control of Kiev territories, suddenly felt the charm of this life — despite the fact that in Kyiv and Lviv, fortunately, do not break the shells.

Supporters of supranasal medicine, justifying the savings on doctors and hospitals will now have to experience for yourself the effectiveness otremontirovanny health system. Residents well-fed and prosperous Europe, which for centuries have exploited third world countries, carefully enclosing of the problems of its inhabitants — although they have always arisen due to the policy of the West — experienced the terrifying feeling of helplessness, familiar floating through the sea of refugees and inhabitants in the global periphery.

The crisis immediately marked the birth defects of our system, which puts at the forefront of consumption and the endless pursuit of profit, ignoring the public interest. Supporters of neoliberal capitalism has always boasted about its market efficiency, put it in the example of the collapsed Soviet state. But it turned out that this efficiency is limited by the ability to sell more is not the quality of the goods or the ability to speculate on stock prices.

At the same time, the Soviet experience has allowed us to effectively overcome the consequences of disasters — primarily because the Soviet system was founded on the principles of economic planning, solidarity and social equality. And it gave him a serious advantage, despite not less significant the vices, from the practice of political repression and ending with the bureaucracy of the party nomenclature.

Successful actions of China and Cuba, who took the epidemiological situation under control, helping to fight the coronavirus in other countries, demonstrated not only organizational, but also the moral benefits of a society built on the principles of socialist collectivism. They especially stand out against the selfish policy of the European countries who immediately fenced off from each other by barriers, by focusing on their own survival. The state of the world centre were not prepared for the impact of the pandemic, and the commercialized medical system of Europe and the USA is largely inferior health care to resource-poor and suffering from long-standing embargo against Cuba. And this is seen even apolitical people, never sympathy for the left.

Became noticeable and other glaring facts. The pandemic has shown that medicine, in principle, should not be a paid service, as an inalienable right of every human being. She outlined the monstrous distortions of our world, where the doctor and the master set lower than the normal shopkeeper, where the States spend hundreds of billions of dollars on weapons and war, and the handful of super-rich spend huge sums on luxuries or fads — while most of the inhabitants of the planet is devoid of most essential goods. It becomes clear — the irrational inefficiency of modern society based on socio-economic inequality, which is a natural consequence of the domination of market structure. Coronavirus crisis is payback for this situation and overcome it becomes now a necessary condition for the survival of mankind.

Attack of the coronavirus kicks is pushing for changes that have long needed for recovery companies — fortunately, without appalling casualties, are gathered in the middle Ages “black death”. Anyway, it got me thinking on alternatives to neoliberal fundamentalism. And makes clear — another world is not only possible, but vital to all of us.

“Is all this not evidence of the urgent need to reorganize the global economy, which will no longer depend on market mechanisms? Perhaps another — and much more useful — ideological virus spread and, hopefully, will infect us: the virus of thinking about an alternative society, a society beyond the nation-state, a society that realizes itself in the form of global solidarity and cooperation… Coronavirus also will force us to reinvent communism, based on the trust of the people and to science… the Epidemic of coronavirus is a kind of the use of military “reception of a broken heart” on the global capitalist system — a signal that we can’t go on that way, and it was still that we need a radical change…. Sad, but we need a catastrophe,” says this philosopher Slavoj Zizek.

Thirty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union becomes clear — to overcome humanity abandoned the call, he will have to make a turn to the left. The alternative is that the General collapse and chaos, plunging the world into a new, post-apocalyptic middle ages, crushing society into alienated bunkers for preppers. Or a model of the global concentration camp, with a maximum limit civil liberties and Darwinian logic that condemns to death an elderly, helpless and poor people. After all, the current crisis allows for direct implementation of dystopia, where people condemned to death, upon reaching retirement age, existing in a strictly regulated reality of the totalitarian system, under the strict control of the elites — who will be able to use this for all of the latest scientific achievements, including the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence.

If you think this impossible, ask yourself: would you have believed yesterday that what I read in the news? The story is dramatically accelerated, leaving no time for second thoughts. “Either we apply the cruel logic of survival of the fittest, or some new kind of communism” — it reminds us of our choice all the same Slavoj Zizek. In fact, he identified a new way the old alternative “socialism or barbarism”, voiced by Rosa Luxemburg on the basis of the tragic experience of world war II. Then her words are not heeded and it led the world into fascism.

Historian Frederic jameson said, “it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism”. Now, this is easier to imagine the end of the world, it is enough to test the regime of rigid quarantine. And that this regime was not the eternal, will have to make the effort, describing for themselves the contours of a market liberated from the shackles of the future. What forces coronavirus craze, sent for our sins merciless God of history. Source

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