Mar 26 2020

“Trying to hide from the satellite”: the masking and space tracking systems

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After the first part of the material of the masking of the troops in modern conditions left unsolved some aspects of topics that interest most readers. The foremost interesting result that we get is given to the commander of the unit or connection to events in disguise. And the second question, which was announced in the first part, the question of the effectiveness of camouflage in the terms of use of space exploration. Both of these issues today could not be more relevant. In terms of the destruction of the political stability of the world must clearly understand the challenges that may be faced.

Is it possible to neutralize a reconnaissance of the enemy

First of all let me remind you about the division of military intelligence. Unit goals, objectives, ways of doing and scale are divided into strategic, operational and tactical intelligence. On land, air, sea, special and space exploration. And all the forces and means of these explorations will be used in parts, connections and associations in different amounts. The volumes depend on the task or part of a compound.Alas, even with the active combat reconnaissance of the enemy, using all measures of masking and other things, after 5-6 hours, the intelligence reveals 60 to 70% of all enemy targets in the entire depth of the defense compounds. By the way, if these activities are not performed or performed not in full, then as shown by the US war against Iraq, it’s been through 3 half-4 hours.
What is the result? Digress from talking about the cloak. Look at the most effective ways of warfare in the modern world. How, for example, are our armed forces in Syria. What we see there?

Force, which was the main type of warfare recently, more and more gives way to non-contact methods of warfare. Modern weapons, the use of drones, precision weapons and other military achievements of the designers allow troops to attack the opponent without direct contact.

Now, compatible intelligence and the possibility of strikes against targets divorced. Get beautiful from the point of view of the attacker, the result. The Americans in Iraq at one blow, destroyed more than 30% of the enemy targets! With such losses, even the senior military Academy understands that the attack, if the blow struck at the advancing choke. And the defense, if the blow will be inflicted on the defenders, it becomes problematic.

Masking and space tracking systems

And the last question. As space systems intelligence influence in modern combat? So it is critical that the enemy can “see” our position from space. Whether it is possible to hide from satellites? Attempts are being made.

Start with an easy one. Most readers are sure that the space allows you to carry on with the success of optical-electronic reconnaissance. Simply put, satellites are well learned to see ground targets. Alas, it is necessary to disappoint you. In addition to opto-electronic means of intelligence are actively used radar and RERTR. Examples of such devices available on the US army.

So, odls of the type “International-11”, one of the spacecraft optical-electronic reconnaissance of the United States. In the visible and infrared range in the band of 1200-1300 km in single-frame shooting and review mode. Equipped with long-focus optical lenses. When time-lapse photography (an area of 2.8 by 2.8 km) control up to 400 objects with a resolution up to 0.1 M. When transferring to review the shooting resolution drops to 0.6 m, but the swath is increased to 90 to 120 km.

Example of radar reconnaissance will be other satellites – the “Lacrosse”. Equipped with a powerful antenna with a diameter of over 15 m. the Exploration produces in-band 4000 km With time-lapse photography (area 2 to 3 km) has a resolution of 1 m. When the review the shooting resolution drops to 4-6 m. the System is used clock and does not depend on weather conditions on Earth.

Well, satellites of RERTR. There is practically any of the devices of type “Chalet”, “Magnum”, Mentor”, “the Vortex”. These satellites allow not only to intercept the information from the terrestrial communications, but also to determine the coordinates of the sources with an accuracy of 10 meters. But is there “zest”-ODL “ferret”. Apparatus for the overview view of the enemy’s territory. Band width this ODL 5800 km. True precision, as the other EAS in the review cycle, poor-5-10 km.

As you can see, under the current system, space tracking, to hide something quite problematic. Stationary objects that are created in the interests of the armed forces are controlled since the start of construction. That is why the hysteria of our potential enemies about mobile systems of strategic nuclear forces. Because of that, and afraid of new, mobile systems.

In General, again, modern methods of masking undeservedly little attention is paid. In the fleeting, high-tech battle by the time it will go to minutes and hours. Stratagem was, is and will be one of the elements of victory. Wear down the enemy, forced to fight by their rules, spend resources on the destruction of layouts, to stretch communications… But this is a martial art.

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