Mar 26 2020

In Russia completed testing of the individual elements of the s-500

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В России завершаются испытания отдельных элементов ЗРС С-500

In Russia completed testing of the individual elements of the air defense missile system of new generation s-500. This was reported by General Director of “special Design Bureau of machine building” (part of EKO concern “Almaz-Antey”) Mr Dolbenkov in an interview with “defense of Russia”.According to Dolbenkov, in the framework of the ROC “Triumfator-M” completed testing of the individual elements of the latest s-500 “Prometheus”. The next step is to test the whole system.

(…) the specialists of the enterprise have created units of mobile anti-aircraft missile system of the latest generation “Triumfator-M”. (…) completed testing of the units of anti-aircraft missile system launcher, an integral part of the multifunctional locator, and the locator PRO equipped chassis for combat control, transport units for radar early warning system

he said. On passing the preliminary testing of critical elements C-500 – radar complex (RLC) and a multifunction radar station (radar), – was reported in April last year. The final phase of testing of the radar took place in the 185-th Center of combat training and combat use of videoconferencing, located in the Astrakhan region.

As previously stated the Deputy Minister of defence of Russia Alexei Krivoruchko, according to the plans of the defense Ministry, preliminary tests of the system will begin in 2020. The state armament programme provides for placing the s-500 on combat duty in 2025, but the pace of testing I can confidently say the system will go into service early.

S-500 is a new generation of air defense systems “earth-air” – a universal set of long-range and high-altitude interception with increased potential missile defense. The system, which develops JSC “EKO Concern “Almaz-Antey”, will be the basis of a common national system of air and missile defense (air and missile defense), created in Russia. The complex is easily integrated into a single system with SAM previous generations and other models of Russian production.

According to available information, the minimum set of equipment for s-500 “Prometheus” will consist of combat control with automatic control system (ACS), radar system, multi-function radar “illumination” and up to 12 launchers of anti-aircraft missiles on the basis of tractors BAZ or MZKT.

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