Mar 26 2020

The new world order. Plan B.

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Новый мировой порядок. План Б.

In a previous article, I intentionally exaggerate to make a “picture” of Malevich.And of course, there were commentators who accused me of alarmism. Especially those who still believe that Viru will be hysteria and everything will return to normal.

No, dear, the World will never be the same! That is why is chaotic preparations for Its reformatsii. Or is it death throes of the system, a lifeless carcass which are trying to set up a drip. The Americans are furiously printing dollars. The Europeans are trying to unite in the face of the unknown, withdrawing its regular troops from unpromising hotspots and dispensing skinny handouts reserve Fund.

The Russians leave in a week. GDP prepares closing offshore tax windfall.

The world freezes in anticipation. In anticipation of change.

What to expect from us in the New World? Where is our place in it? Those who are destined to survive.

Will start with the last phrase. Because “to survive is not all”(from)traveler

The coronavirus no ONE was ready. Although everyone knew that sooner or later it had to happen. He fell on the heads as snow, which everyone expects, but it comes it is always unexpected.

Not ready for it speculators, advertising agencies, travel agencies, “great sport”, movie industry, music and theater subculture, different blagosvetlov, salpingitis and other playboy. Even Pharma companies and those that were not ready.

To it was not ready pepl who peacefully gulped showbiz mixed with bread. He with a sinking heart watched leucostictica their idols and drank, his heart drops if your favorite team missed a goal.

What these foolish children of consumerism in a world without television realities, players of the clubs “Blue oysters”. Without violent political struggle, right-left for a quart of beer?

What about those who started in the swamp? Whose work spekulnut bigevil? To whom to light “cool nouveaux riches”, the new dress from Chanel, a jacket from Versace, a trendy Rolex or smelling varnish Lamborgini if you were trapped for a month in the four walls?

Where, under a glass of champagne and a dose of Coca, the Ponte to throw a thousand bucks on a green table cloth with a magic number that brings good luck?

And what is it all, if tomorrow, the store will not be not only the coveted toilet paper, but even packs of pasta??? And possibly money in the account will not.

Will you have this parasitic mass is the time to think about how complicated labour: tractor, plowing the earth and the combine harvest; farmer, rising before dark to drive the cows to pasture; Baker, plowing ALL night to the morning, in a bakery, could buy a BREAD; honey staff wear????

Or, steeped in luxury and credit, they will prefer to leave quickly swallowed a week’s supply of antidepressants?

Simple and hard worker in the same dead services, a bankrupt factory that closed door shop, living from paycheck to paycheck to live on. How to make a choice?

Too to leave this world quietly and without fuss? Or come out to fight, unequal and up to date?

And the state in all this will be located where?

As we can see, the survival of Western Homo-obus, in the light of future changes, remains a big question. Especially in the context of refocusing the market on their own needs. It is not an individual process, this process is organized and they must be addressed by States. And urgent! While at the yard in the Spring.

But the state still hovers, as those same commentators, in a dream: “soon all this will pass and we’ll still” printing money and isolate people. And the breakdown process is and stop the gangrene is more complicated. The consequences can be unpredictable, when the car of pasta, not reached to the destination, the possible expropriation of the ship, who came with goods to the port with the subsequent democratically bombing.

Stand the rulers of the countries of the owners of TNK nerves? They are ready to plan B? Question.

And we will be patient. Take a week of vacation and dedicate it to our families. Time plays on us. But we’re mindful of the fact that said Mr Putin. He just says nothing.

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PS: prepares filing of documents in Turkey, to open a criminal case against the entourage of bin Salman and contains about twenty families.

Interesno, get it from under the tablecloth the case of the Saudi suicide bombers?

If Yes, then the process of “devouring of children” – began. Source

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