Mar 26 2020

Latest Updates on Yemen, 25 March 2020

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– After several days of fighting with Mansour Hadi forces, STC’s Hizam al-Amni forces took control of the Crater district.
The Central Bank and the 20th Brigade headquarters, which were the main battleground in the last few days , are on the crater.

– Continuation of clashes between Ansar Allah and Mansour Hadi forces on the northern front of Sirwah. Pro-coalition sources claimed that parts of the al-Mukhdara and Hilan heights are captured by Saudi-led forces; however this news is not correct.
– Ansar Allah has also begun operations on the northeast axis of Sirwah, and no progress has been made in eastern Hilan so far.

– The Saudi coalition warplanes struck al-Muhashima and Ansar Allah’s positions south of Yatmah 20 times.
– Mansour Hadi forces attacked the eastern areas of al-Safra.

Saudi coalition forces violate ceasefire regime in al-Hudaydah 89 times.
Saudi coalition forces shelled al-Dahshah village and Hays district and al-Durayhimi town 18 times.

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