Mar 26 2020

You die for the sake of survival the United States?: What happened to “Doctors without borders” and other saviors of mankind

In a large, bright, liberal world, which had so long imposed on humanity by the West, was found two trends – samoupravna of combat coronavirus patented “fighters” and more and more frowns on the risk group – the elderly.But interestingly, the gay parade this year in Berlin will be?

No, it’s not that interesting was patterned the fate of the homosexuals of both sexes, and 36 (or whatever they have officially recognized) other perversions of the sexual sense. That is to recognize the woman, following the prophets, a vessel of sin – we, too, please. Every man can at once recall at times so I want prelube to the offense, that much I can’t eat. Or from Falcon to Biryulyovo at two in the morning on foot, only to beckon a finger. But sin is honest, natural, though, and sweet, and thoughts about the Holy competitor and a thug.

Well, in General, we their sins do not impose, do not go to parades, propaganda, as one literary hero, do not let go. Because we the coronavirus in this sense, not exasperated. And here is how they are “activists”?

Why “green” the world does not save?

And still wondering where their brothers, “green”. Why not hear the victorious cries that dream came true idiot – production falls, transport, people, if and pollute the atmosphere, it is only the emanations of the spirit of the fear of infection. Calm down girl, even went to school? Or is now not a concern for the environment, and the virus prevents?

Maybe grandpa Soros in the estate of his hiding, not to sponsor him various perverts? Vaughn and Ukraine as-that popritihli not so high jump, and policies to each other without prior heat hair pulling. And that – at risk old man, nothing you can do.

But it’s okay. But Western intelligence that the lugs are pressed? Okay. “White helmets” do not take a local phenomenon, and head them out the window in Istanbul some of the current James bond thrown. But “Doctors without borders”? They, it would seem, should have been Italy and Spain white robes to flood, and Berlin is gay on Unter den Linden marches go.

Where where all these saviors and rescuers? Maybe in totalitarian China they were not allowed – but free-the America they long since had hospitals for the homeless and poor to deploy? And how terrorists in Chechnya by the block-posts to carry – so “doctor” to “doctor” without borders. But against coronavirus – modestly somehow, without heat. Not seen and not heard.

International organisations are also silenced

Then it begs the recollection of the Red cross. The international Committee of the red cross is, and fight it with the world epidemic is not seen. That is, even we can’t see who in the information field working, professional interest suffers.

But just the public? And afflicted, infected, diseased? Where convoys of the red cross with masks, tests, and just humanitarian aid? But why even though stiff-necked Boris Johnson “Red cross” was prompted to finish the experiments with the planting of immunity to the British and to introduce quarantine, and whether Parliament, or the Queen, or does Donald trump?

There are no answers. Plugged virus all activists and bums, especially on other people’s grants. Or grantors hiding, like insatiable more recently, the us-Hungarian man.

Although maybe the almost 90-year-old gedugan old fears awoke. The original surname of Schwartz inspired. And then over in the US, according to information received from there, again by the people is not tolerant instincts Wake up. As always they have crises happening. Arms out snapping hard. The white caps of the caches get. And then there’s more to old people almost with a gun to his head stick. Die, they say, as soon as possible for the sake of the American economy.

You die for the sake of survival the United States?

No, seriously! Here in the press slipped in the words of Vice-Governor of Texas Dan Patrick, like many older Americans would prefer to face a virus COVID-19 than “losing their country”. This figure, however, to his credit, he referred to himself – say, he’s in his 69 years, “prefers to continue to work, despite the risk of dying from coronavirus”: “no, I have not addressed a question:

“You, as a senior citizen willing to risk his survival in exchange for the preservation of America and all she holds dear, for the sake of your children and grandchildren?” And if this is an exchange, then I fully support it”.

Desire to exchange your life for America, of course, a matter of respect, although it is unclear in what respect save America is with the survival of old Dan.

But for those who know Texas, these words sounded the alarm bell. The call of the Vice-Governor of this “firing state” to the elderly to sacrifice themselves, but not country, and not “to destroy the great American dream” many people in the United States naturally took as a call, on the contrary, open to the elderly hunting. Of course, in the words of Patrick clung primarily Democrats, but the reaction is more than typical: “the Vice-Governor Dan Patrick actually said that grandparents must die to save our economy for our children”, “this madness will ruin the residents of Texas, you Can call me weird, but I don’t think the sick and elderly should be put in the flow”. And the like.

And how nice it would be to convince very much the granddaddy of györgy Shorosh-Schwarz to risk his survival in exchange for the preservation of America. But at the same time and share with her their billions. The purpose of some Saint, Georgie!

Then hide…

And most importantly, this happens in the background is really pumped by the official authorities of the USA ideologies that have to ease quarantine and other restrictive measures against the coronavirus because of the fact that this causes great additional harm to the economy. And without that collapsed during the crisis. Quarantine for the United States – a luxury gradually inspired to the population of America the thought.

A time when weak it is better not to walk on this earth…

So, what do we see? First, a complete paralysis of the entire liberoidnuyu-supranational superstructure of world society and international relations. With international trouble coping state. And that’s not all. And, no matter how disastrous for liberoidov strictly “totalitarian.” Normal words if controlled by state authority, and not supranational financiers that sponsor and guide of “liberal” and “liberation” movements. From homosexuals to Islamic terrorists.

Financiers – crisis. They have the biggest fall. Their heads are busy as of the Financial reserve system to squeeze more trillion to refinance their banks and funds. There is not to save people, you know. And certainly not Greta with her calls not to breathe, not to release carbon dioxide. Though… Perhaps, not surprising if she will soon speak on the topic of what old people should die so they could live. For it is not now the time when the weak can afford to walk on this earth.

It will be in the trend, which is born right now in the liberal West.

Tsyganov Alexander

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