Mar 26 2020

The virus of a social revolution: Putin went against the oligarchs and banksters

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has realized the second revolution from above in three months. And if the first, which resulted in amendments to the Constitution , is more about sovereignty, family values and the prohibition to have accounts and citizenship abroad from the deputies and officials, the current left if not socialist, but certainly social.

About innovations from the program of the Communist party, or rather, Professor Glazyev, some of which will be temporary, others will remain on a permanent basis, Putin said during his address to the nation from the screens of major TV channels of the country. Starting with the importance of the fight against the coronavirus, the implementation of the recommendations of doctors and quarantine, Putin gave the people an extraordinary output for a week from Saturday 28 March to Sunday 5 April, though with pay, then announced to postpone voting on the amendments and then moved on to the social part.

So, in the next six months, people will not need to run with certificates and prove their right to benefits. They shall be automatically extended, without providing any additional certificates, and walking on the courts. For example, if a family is entitled to benefits for housing, she will not have to regularly prove their income to get such support.

Payments for the 75th anniversary of the great Victory the veterans and home front workers, 75 and 50 thousand rubles respectively, should be implemented before the may holidays, early in April.

Do not forget the President and family support. In the next three months, starting from April, all families entitled to maternity capital, will begin to pay additionally for 5 thousand roubles per month for each child under the age of three years.

As for our new support measures, namely payments for children aged three to seven years, Putin instructed the Government to force all organizational activities, so that families began to receive these payments not in July, as planned, in June.

Further, Putin announced that payments for sick leave shall not be calculated length of service and salary, receiving the output of a penny, and based on the amount of not less than 1 minimum wage per month. While such a rule will be valid until the end of the current year and then a decision will be made considering the situation. Also receives support from the unemployed. The maximum payout for unemployment benefits from 8 thousand roubles per month will be increased to 12 130 rubles.

Putin also heard about the dangers of credit Maidan, about which a lot of time writing our press. The President announced the holiday as consumer and mortgage loans, if citizens have a monthly income decreased due to the caused by a coronavirus panic and collapse of the economy by more than 30%. In this case, banks are obliged to suspend servicing its debt and to extend it without any penalties in form of fines or interest charges.

“If the payment of the debt due to objective reasons is in principle impossible, and in this case, the citizen should not get into a dead end, to become hostage to creditors. The bankruptcy procedure should be feasible and not burdensome. I ask the Government and Parliament to expedite the necessary changes to the legal framework,” – said Putin.

Touched the President and small business support. Small and medium-sized businesses, micro-enterprises, find themselves in a difficult situation needs to obtain a deferment on loans for the next six months. At this point, most would like to see the face of our beloved, in the sense of costing us dearly German Gref, who is not one year lobbied for the opposite.

Seriously speaking, this step is associated with the coronavirus only partly due to these measures, both in terms of people and enterprises, have been discussed previously and successfully sabotaged our system the liberals last 6 years, at least. And here is the most effective if not the only way to keep down the population in the final poverty with the subsequent food riots.

But, most importantly, these companies will have to provide a deferral of all taxes, except VAT, for the next six months. And for microenterprises, excluding deferred taxes, will appear and the deferral of insurance premiums to social funds. For businesses that find themselves in a difficult situation for a period of six months a moratorium on the filing of the creditors of the bankrupt companies and the recovery of debts and penalties.

Separately, Putin raised the issue that failed the government Mevdedev, requiring government and Central Bank to propose and adopt additional measures to ensure sustainable lending to the real sector, including the provision of state guarantees and subsidies.

Then Putin went generally on a revolutionary solution for modern Russia, reducing insurance contributions from 30 to 15%, but only for those with wages at the enterprises exceeded the minimum wage. If the salary will be at the level of the minimum wage or somehow even below, the rate remains 30%.

On the one hand it prostimulirujte many organizations to throw the workers a few million salary, and the other lead from the shadows a large part of the payments of the workers. Meanwhile, Putin added that the measure he introduces is not under a coronavirus, and in the long term, for the future. And thus it creates a long-term incentive for employers to raise salaries to its employees.

Up to this point was money from the national welfare Fund, which Putin decided to spend on purchases of dollars and securities, and on the people and most importantly – the long-talked many patriots stimulation of the economy and reduction of credit slavery people have.

But then Mr President the second time, encroached on the “sacred legacy of the 90s”. If, at first, he forbade the “public servants” to serve and even to other States, depriving them of their right to have a “civilized” passport and a Swiss Bank account, now it came to the oligarchs.

So, for the first time since 1991, all income payments in the form of interest and dividends, stretching from Russia abroad, in offshore jurisdictions, which are subject to a real tax rate of only 2% per cent, will now be taxed at the rate of 15%. While this applies specifically to those citizens who bring their income in the form of dividends to foreign accounts. The list of the Forbes attached. And those countries that do not want us to be friends, will cease to be partners and they do Affairs will not have.

“Of course it would require adjustments to our agreements on the avoidance of double taxation with certain countries. I ask the Government to do this. If foreign partners do not accept our offer, then Russia will come out of these agreements unilaterally. And let’s start with those countries through which significant resources of Russian origin, which is the most sensitive for our country,” said Putin, hinting at the thick Cyprus and London.

Partly, though only partly introduced Putin and a progressive tax. “In many countries the interest income of individuals from Bank deposits and investments in securities are subject to income tax. We have such income are not taxed. Offer for citizens, whose total volume of Bank deposits or investments in debt securities more than 1 million rubles, to set the tax on interest income of 13%. That is, I repeat, not the contribution, only the interest received from such investments, will be taxed on incomes of physical persons”, – said the President.

If to summarize everything, today we witnessed another revolution from above, now, if not socialist, but certainly social, when a crowd of “Holy dogma” saintly kept by the liberals since the early 90’s, including about the importance of keeping money in the West and the prohibition to lend money to people, collapsed.

However, while this is only a statement, and tomorrow we will see the reaction to them, where sabotage, and open confrontation, and outrage “business” and banksters. Moreover, it is likely this will be done openly and revealing. There is another amendment to the Constitution is not moved, and that Putin elite will not forgive.

So, by the autumn it is possible to wait for the third revolution, the administrative, with the “honorary post” of a crowd of old characters. Give it to God!


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