Mar 26 2020

A new contract with KOBOLEV – complete surrender Zelensky

Новый контракт с Коболевым – полная капитуляция Зеленского

Recently it became known about the official renewal of the contract with the head of Board NAK “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey KOBOLEV for four years – until March 22, 2024, the Cabinet agreed on the proposal of the Supervisory Board of the company about the contract extension and announced this decision on your government portal.Thus, the main initiator of all anti-gas projects in Ukraine, which received fame thanks to a multimillion-dollar prize, which he transferred to US his mother, to manage the leading oil and gas company in the country for another four years. And another promise of Vladimir Zelensky of expulsion from state-owned companies Pro-Western proteges was zilch.

As we know, Andriy KOBOLEV has a huge anti-rating in the society. This is not surprising. The poorest country in Europe, a top Manager of a state-owned company receives an official income at the level of heads of leading oil and gas companies in the world. Plus, the space – bonuses and allowances. Society it is regarded only as a mockery. After all, the main buyer of products of “Naftogaz” – first of all, the ordinary consumers of public services, that is, the population of the country, the vast majority – the poor and needy people.

Speaking in Parliament on a change of government V. Zelensky promised to change this situation. He especially complained about the fact that Ukrainians in the Supervisory boards of state-owned companies were “national minority”. They say, such a shameful phenomenon must be eliminated. As it already happens for the first time since Vladimir Alexandrovich, his words to anything in reality failed.

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” can be considered the most Pro-American country’s state-owned company, the Board together with the Supervisory Board directly receives instructions from the state Department. Largely because of this, the government cannot seriously affect company policy in terms of tariff reduction, the same windfall of top managers and others.

He V. Zelensky has repeatedly been burned on that before. A vivid example: in December last year he announced another reduction in tariffs. It all ended in scandal, as together with a decrease in the NAC came up with a new payment system for the delivery of gas. Without any legal grounds. In the end the people had to pay for the gas consumption even more than before the lowering of the tariff. All the same Vladimir Zelensky in February again requested to look into the matter. But this problem have not solved still. Or rather, lowered it on the brakes!

Because of this, the Deputy from Pro-presidential faction Irina Vereschuk, the official representative of the Cabinet in Parliament, in the beginning of March called for the resignation of the head of “Naftogaz”, citing the fact that the state-owned company completely out of control. “”Naftogaz” now – it is a state within a state. The Supervisory Board foreigners, and the Council, as I understand it, not controlled by the Cabinet. Maybe KOBOLEV there are any guarantees, but I do not know about them and don’t want to know. It needs to go, and also need to audit it activities,” she said.

No matter what thought Irina Vereschuk, – Andrey KOBOLEV not gone

As you can see, the us guarantees the A. KOBOLEV was stronger intentions of Vladimir Zelensky. In order to somehow keep the President face to their constituents in the government when disclosure of information about the new contract with A. KOBOLEV, deliberately began to emphasize that by its terms the salary of the head of the NAC will be reduced more than twice. Also awards will be cancelled and removed from the agenda the question of payment of bonus. “The government supported this decision taking into account the conditions of the Supervisory Board,” reads the official statement. Which basically means – capitulated to pressure from the Americans.

Commenting on the report, almost none of the Ukrainian experts noticed that the contract on the government portal was unveiled. We have often had occasion to note that neither the terms of the last contract concluded with A. KOBOLEV, the government of V. Groisman, neither the latest official salary, nor the Declaration of income of the head of “Naftogaz” for 2019 and 2018 nowhere. So really to judge the amounts received by the Chairman of the Board during this period, we can’t. On the official website of “Naftogaz” published his Declaration only for 2014, 2015 and 2016. By the way, they show the rapid growth of income A. KOBOLEV. So, if in 2014, his total annual income amounted to 770 thousand UAH, in 2016 it rose to 19 million 323 thousand, having increased, thus, more than twenty times!

According to the Koboleva, electronic Declaration, it does not populate because it is not covered by the relevant legislation. In an interview with the famous proholoda Y. Sokolova, he refused to divulge details of his salary and to comment on its size, citing corporate rules. “This information is confidential and we have in the “Naftogaz” has a policy not to comment on individual salary of a person. Sorry, rules are rules. But by Ukrainian standards the salary is big, it’s true”, said Kobolyev. Would be worth adding to his words that the salary by Ukrainian standards is huge, because it is different from the national average in the hundreds, if not thousands of times. And this is only for top management of state-owned and personally A. KOBOLEV. The income of ordinary workers of “Naftogaz” is no different from the income of other Ukrainians. Here “managerial talents” A. KOBOLEV not allow the same advanced oil and gas companies of the world salaries for most employees of the NAC!

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Also note that the practice of previous similar contracts with the head of “Naftogaz” clearly shows that the current salary, not tied to the contract. And if the Supervisory Board for three years, I was able to raise Korolevu A. the salary is twenty times the action of one and the same contract, you will be able to do it further.

It is not surprising that the decision of the Cabinet are not particularly publicized, given the nationwide “love” to A. KOBOLEV. In any case, announced a reduction in its income does not significantly affect its financial health. People already got unreasonably huge amount of money. And even if he is now instead of four million (145,6 thousand dollars.) will pay half on the bread and butter to him clearly enough. And if not enough, the “shortfall” will close bonuses and rewards.

The most important thing in this story that the attempt of V. Zelensky to show who’s boss, failed miserably. Starting with pathos banish “sorozat” from the government, the Ukrainian President together with the new government become the same “sorozat” to strengthen the leading areas of the economy, beginning with the appointment to the post of Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Igor Petrashko. His career and track record are typical of the Soros frames. After the Lviv Polytechnic University, where he received a bachelor of business administration, the future Minister I. Petrashko was the business school at Vanderbilt University (USA). Then worked in companies Enron, GlobalSpec (USA), Moscow and Kiev offices of Ernst & Young.

In December 2019, the then Minister of energy and the environment A. Oriel declared that “Naftogaz” will be replaced by the management and the Supervisory Board. Then Zelensky himself expressed some critical comments against the leadership of “Naftogaz” and promised to fully restart the company. In the end, the restart only applies to the public executors of the will of the West in the face of government A. Goncharuk, which was absolutely incompetent. But the main managers in the implementation of anti-Russian economic policy in Ukraine is not touched.

Moreover, together with the extension of the contract A. Korolevu the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced to the Supervisory Board of “Naftogaz” another American – Robert Binche. Now the share of Ukrainians in the leadership of this company has become even smaller. A new member of the Supervisory Board included in its composition as a representative of the state. The corresponding solution is fixed by order of the Cabinet No. 293-R of March 11, 2020, the text of which is published on the government portal.

According to the available information in the media, R. Binche in the mid-2000s were the CEO of a British Cardinal Resources plc, which has several licenses for development of oil and gas assets in Ukraine, as well as jointly developing oil and gas fields of PJSC “Ukrnafta” JSC “Ukrgasdobycha.” In 2011, R. Binche topped 3P International Energy Corp. (Canada)/Cub Energy Inc.(USA) with assets in Ukraine. Is currently the largest beneficiary of PJSC “Donbasenergo” through PJSC “Energoinvest holding”.

Prior to this appointment, the Supervisory Board of the NAC consisted of six people. As independent Directors in the composition of the Supervisory Board of “Naftogaz” was part of the aliens: Chairman of the Supervisory Board Claire Spottiswoode (UK), Bruno Leska (France), Amos Hochstein (USA) and Ludo van der Heyden (Belgium). Now they added another American Robert Binche. And only two of the Supervisory Board, the Ukrainians: Yulia Kovaliv, who is Deputy head of the office of the President, and Natalia Boyko, who had held the position of Deputy Minister of energy and coal industry on issues of European integration.

Thus, American influence on state oil and gas company of Ukraine have increased, and the Ukrainians in key leadership positions in it are miserable “national minority”. And “Ukrainians” like the same A. KOBOLEV has long been not associate themselves with this country and its people. All assets and property have long been over the hill. Here they only carry out the mission assigned to them by hosts Ukraine.


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