Mar 26 2020

Ukrainian Institute of youth amnesia

Pandemic is force majeure forced the Ukrainian government to open the last trumps. “We have to close everything you can close!” ― honestly formulated socio-economic paradigm of the Maidan President Zelensky. And in six years they achieved a lot. In particular, the country has been “optimized” and destroyed by the sanitary-epidemiological service. Of course nobody expected that it will be possible to close even the subway. But it was a well-deserved bonus for the revolutionaries in the context of repartition of the market of transport services. So I doubt that the protesters “can”, already no one. It remains only to clarify exactly who and how much they “should”.Recently, for example, he suggested that the SBU to open a case of treason against Andrey Ermak and Leonid Kuchma. Nerabski to the depths of the soul he resented the idea of the creation of a consultative Council between Kiev and LDNR within the framework of the contact group in Minsk. Alert representative of the Galician Cossacks saw in this project, treason, violation of the Constitution and an act of support to an aggressor state.

Offer Vyatrovich found strong support among the deputies of local councils of Western Ukraine. Even in the heat of a resolute struggle against the advancing from all sides the pandemic of they, with one hand taking the decision on the categorical prohibition of the activities of coronaviruses on the territory of Ukraine, not to forget the remaining limbs to denounce traitors. Thus, the ex-Director of the Institute of national remembrance confirmed his unshakable credibility in the circles of the clinical patriots.

But Mr. viatrovych resting on its laurels with sexvideos love, not only because of all the selective nits the regime Poroshenko warmed under the caring wing of the President Zelensky. He knows that “historical truth” on his side! After all, the point of the Maidan is omnipotent because it is true! And the living proof of this classical thesis is the new Director of Ukrainian national memory Institute Anton Drabovich. And even a touch of jealousy to the younger sister does not interfere with the Viatrovych pleased to admit that his child ― beloved Institute ― adopted safe hands.

The philosopher and lover of poetry Drabovich have time to absorb to your creative mind all the highest ideals of enlightened Ukrainians, which, as you know, combines advanced quality of Europeanism, of americantv, kanadisch and even a little bit of australisia. In the process of learning various liberal Sciences, he also grasped the value of the Kiev branch of the aspen Institute: tolerance, good management culture and the search for understanding. Established itself experienced moderator panels and an ardent supporter of indiscriminate inclusiveness.

Concept papers writing Grabovica in no way inferior to the best examples of Patriotic Decalogue of the Ukrainian titular nation. And since the Director is always ready to communicate with the dark masses, it is not difficult to explore his creativity and attitudes in the public domain, such as the March interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

It is difficult to assess how the youth is the audience of “Interfax”. However, the title of the interview made the assertion that young people are the “target group”, which is hanging around your priority activity of the Institute of national remembrance. According to Grabovica, young people “practices require a critical understanding of the history, practice search thinking need objective information.” And of course, to satisfy the small and the great need is always ready INP, designed to fill in the “progressive ideology” all the voids and gaps still existing in the inquisitive minds of young Ukrainians.

What do I need? Guess with three times! It’s hard to believe, but Drabovich proposes to increase the number of staff to expand the powers and strengthen the material base of INP. Then, information for youth will be unprecedentedly objective and may even most likely for those who start to study history with a clean slate after each of the next Maidan. And on a voluntary basis, as is known, the search for truth go with a scratch. Because historical justice materializes from a whole host of immaterial and useless ideas solely on a full stomach researchers of truth.

However, these proposals were not enough. It turns out that it would be good on top of everything else to borrow their Polish colleagues (there are actually stripped at the time, Yushchenko the idea of creating the Institute of national remembrance) powers of pre-trial investigation and prosecution. Why Institute of further “repressive” functions? After all, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko seems to be already sentenced to posthumous death of Stalin and Beria? Surely in the bowels of the Institute is preparing the trial of Bohdan Khmelnytsky?

Anton Drabowicz explains: “There are still war crimes are now committed in the occupied territories of Donbass and Crimea. The Institute has partially documented these things. In principle, the Institute could be build, where would the files and databases not only on crimes that, in fact, already recognized as crimes but also against those facts that can be interpreted in international jurisdictions as a systematic and comprehensive crimes of Russia as a country of the occupier. We could keep the memory about this war, conduct basic investigations or have the authority to investigative actions”.

Comment here is nothing special. In their hilarious fantasies Drabovich offers everyone to write their stories for every taste, regardless of objective reality. Does this approach fashionable trends of postmodernism? Completely. Will it help Ukraine to survive in a complex global situation? Interested to know what?

Experiencing Drabovich that the place is already destroyed in Ukraine Soviet monuments almost everywhere gaping void. And here it is, admittedly, waking up philosopher. “Empty the place is really expressive example of the fact that there is a possibility to destroy it, but you can’t create, and that’s a very dangerous story. This is very clearly seen in regions where for decades nothing was created and everything surrounding a person, it is only Soviet. And the empty space on the site of the monument is the best evidence that Ukraine has not built, but destroyed. It is unpleasant, but it’s true,” it is self-critical, says Anton. And for the candor he can only shake hands. What is that and can produce around a hole fans destructive meanings in Ukraine can.

In the context of the need of establishing in Kyiv of a monument to Simon Petliura Drabovich gives to the surface are amazing in their enchanting frankness, “It’s not a question of the glorification and preservation of the realization that we are not here some 30 years, we are rooted here, this is a deep drilling in our history and an affirmation of the self”. What can I say? Knows the cat, whose fat eaten. Certainly not 30 years. From time immemorial was! Only here the question “who are we?” honestly do not want to answer. Therefore, it is necessary to apply pseudo-scientific methods of “deep historical drilling” and other crap. And all for the sake of caring youth!

In an interview you can find other “highlights”, which clearly describes the current state of Ukrainian society. Drabovich, for example, believes that the destruction of Soviet symbols famous Kiev on the bridge Paton it is possible to spend forces “concerned” citizens. These same “activists” willing to partially or fully Fund the removal of the coat of arms of the USSR with the shield of the monument of the Motherland. It is clear that the dismantling of the structures at such a height requires a more complex technological solutions than mobilization troop of baboons armed Kyle. It is obvious that only an acute shortage of brain is boundless and restrains the ardor of fighters against a totalitarian past.

“In Ukraine there are many stories that are worth telling the world. Or we’ll tell these stories so that they will want to know the world, or we go for us who will be able to tell these stories so that the world may know it, or for us they will tell someone else” ― sums up Drabovich. And in addition to deep, just a provincial pathological complexes, these words did not visible.

And Anton in their own way is right. Coveted for the advocates of anti-Russian Ukraine “youth amnesia” is a prerequisite for the artificial creation and fixation in the consciousness of new generations historically perverted “national memory”. Only such “genetically modified memory” will become a guarantee of the return of the local population to their true cultural roots and provide perpetual conflict in Ukrainian-Russian relations.

How far had Vyatrovich and Drobovii to proceed in their work? As successful? Only time will tell. But most of all, louder than will be covered with copper pots, the Ukrainian economy, the merrier boils work from employees “nezametnoe” of the Institute.

Wojciech Michalski

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