Mar 26 2020

Known scientist on virosomes: “Trying to work out new technologies of social control is obvious,”

Russian political scientist, radio host, head of the expert Advisory Council under the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergei Mikheyev:“The global hype around the virus is really inadequate. Speculation on this topic and attempt to work out some of the new technology of social control is also evident. For example, creating a precedent for the closure of churches, mosques, synagogues and a ban on worship is clearly pulling on the testing of technologies at actual ban or limit religious activities in General. Claim to believe in God via the Internet, at home, in digital format. The adoption of such measures, in fact, looks a bit unreasonable — after all, this is not the first case of a pandemic, but before such measure is taken. But, if this is seen as setting a precedent for the future, then indeed, becoming clearer and more alarming. As, however, and in General, the development of new technologies isolate and control the masses of people under the pretext of just another flu”

“This is liberal fascism. It’s such a digital totalitarianism, which under the guise of progress, under the guise of fighting for the General welfare, under the guise of fighting for the overall health will introduce a total dictatorship. Total dictatorship, and it may acquire including the global scale. Want what you want, but it absolutely fits, for example, in any religious texts relating to the coming of the Antichrist and so on. I’m not pumping here, just such sentiments, because, I think that the end times are not known to anyone and we can’t assume, but that such visits occur periodically in the history of the world, it is exactly. The one world dictator has decided to conquer the whole world, another dictator has decided to conquer the whole world, then the other realized that an individual dictator is not like the channel, let’s try some other pattern is to put all under control and already under the guise of freedom supposedly to take and implement some kind of total freedom. This is set up for deep philosophical reflection. The fact that now many people use this situation in order to practice such technology or try to create a precedent for development that’s for sure. Because I say, a precedent, a precedent is created, and then we can say: well, you remember how it was in 2020, so now we have to do. But these flu, I assure you, that you want to say that this latest mutation of the flu? No, of course he will still mutate. Now with the coronavirus, for example, will understand, will still appear. And will have worked out a special technology of controlling people on the basis of precedent 2020. And you will say: you know, a new mutation of the flu here this virus, it is even more terrible than it was in 2020, so now all should all be handcuffed to the batteries to the forefront. What? And everyone will say: Yes, are these measures justified, and so on. Here I mean, it is important not to lose the sobriety of mind and soundness of approaches to all these things. This is extremely important, including for our government, among other things. Because of the fact that such things can be used as grounds for total control over peoples lives is definitely. See how all cheered, all of these digital gurus as they are happy: Hooray, everything is translated on the remote. What we were saying. Let all sit at their computers and generally nose out of the house not shown, of the apartments do not come out and so on. There is a trend? There are signs? In my opinion, is. The question is, to track and analyze, and to approach this sanely, soberly. So I started from religious organizations, so I think it’s a bad precedent. Ah, a virus! Oh, the virus is why we now almost all have closed. All have closed. You let it to yourself with your these cases, and we will all ban you. And on what basis? On what basis? And here, by the way, all sorts of different kinds of provocateurs, they play kinda the same its a very negative role: look at how made in Europe, and look how made there-then there-then” (a piece broadcast on radio station “Vesti FM”)

“Worse than coronavirus only America that actually occupied the entire planet by the dollar and literally, it kills people. For example, requests Iran at least temporarily and partially lift the sanctions due to the difficult epidemiological situation in this country, “humane”, the West simply does not hear. On the contrary, the impression is that the more people will die in Iran, the West will be more happy. But this is not news. They are now each other not in much of a hurry to help. Slightly scratched this Western civilization and then it showed its real essence. But worse than the other — they not only do not want to help dying people, but do not let others to do so. Few people know, but the appeal of the Iranian side, in particular, to Russian companies with a request to sell (to sell, not to give) the appropriate medical facility meets with widespread rejection. The reason is the same — fear to fall under US sanctions, which have the ability to monitor and block any monetary transaction. And then to apply sanctions to those who, in their opinion, is the offender. That is, if not global slavery? And how many years, talks about how to create a parallel payment scheme, including, for such emergencies, but in fact the situation remains unchanged. And how’s the sick people? And that people, let people die. For the sake of democracy did not mind. Democracy must be fed corpses. She loves it”

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