Mar 26 2020

Help from COVID-19 March: arrived in Italy, Russian virologists passed Bologna. Russian Colonel Bogomolov – impressions of Italy

378 kilometers of the 600 overcame through the whole of Italy convoy of special vehicles with Russian military specialists. Russian military experts who came to Italy to fight the coronavirus COVID-19, proceeded to Bologna. Italian airbase Pratica di Mare, 30 kilometers South-West of Rome, the Russians are moving to Bergamo.[embedded content]

The Russian convoy was escorted cars Italian carabinieri, the press service of the defense Ministry. Just go to Bergamo 22 cars and a bus with military experts, car maintenance, and support. Among these machines is the mobile complex analysis and diagnostics. In addition, the Russians are taking high performance mobile disinfection means including streets and houses, supply of disinfectants and special equipment to provide skilled care heavy patients affected by coronavirus infection, devices of artificial ventilation of lungs.Italy still holds sad records. It is the second in the world in the number of infected people in the world, the third cases of recovery and first in the number of deaths from coronavirus infection. At 21 hours Moscow time on 25 March in Italy, the diagnosis of “coronavirus” was confirmed in 74 of 386 thousand people, 9 thousand 362 of the patient overcame the disease. But for 7 thousand 503 human coronavirus was fatal.

Everything in the world had contracted the new coronavirus 454 398 thousand people, 20 thousand 499 he died. Overcome the disease of 112 thousand 982 persons, and 60 811 of them in China.

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